USPS (Prioity Mail) Alerts

Alert: USPS is experiencing unprecedented package increases and limited employee availability due to the impacts of COVID-19. We appreciate your patience and remain committed to delivering the holidays to you. Because of this, if you as our customer choose USPS (prioity mail) as the means to get your items, Sheepman Supply will not guarantee the shipment nor replace items free of charge if they do not arrive at your destination.

Year Round Covers

Good Morning!!  It has been a while since we have posted!   Corona Virus has not let us alone, but we continue to struggle on!!  Hope our customers are staying safe and will be trying to enjoy the holiday seasons.

Unfortunately we have run out of several of our Year Round Covers.  Sizes “D” and “E” are now out of stock.  “F” will be the next to go, but not for awhile.  We do have them on order and as we speak are being made.  Unfortunately, being made half a world away, so it will be February-March until we see them.  We apologize for our short-sidedness and that this will cause our customers to not have them when they need them.  We will post their arrival as soon as we get them!!

For now, stay safe and enjoy time with your family.

2020 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Items

Important announcement! We ended up with a small quantity of 2020 merchandise left over from our virtual festival order. This includes short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, sling bags, backpacks, posters, note cards and enamel pins. Sorry, no mugs, and not all sizes are available in the shirts and sweatshirts.

You can view the items at, but because of the limited quantities you CANNOT ORDER THEM ONLINE. All items will be sold by Sheepman Supply by telephone order ONLY on a first come, first served basis. Orders will be accepted at 301-662-4197 Monday-Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. I repeat, orders will be accepted by TELEPHONE ONLY at 301-662-4197 Monday-Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, please ask for Sheepman Supply

This may be your last chance to get 2020 Festival merchandise!

2020 MD Sheep and Wool Festival Items

With the exception of 1-3 orders we are still checking on, we have completed, shipped, collected your payment on over 800 orders in 2 weeks (M-F)!!  We are very proud of this accomplishment.  We have made a couple of mistakes, but they have been correctable.  We have heard some disgruntlement about sizing, but we had nothing to do with the purchase of the clothing and the sizing and the clothing items  were made by the same company as in past Festivals.  We hope you are happy with your items.

2020 MD Sheep and Wool Festival Orders

Good Morning!!  We have gotten all of the items that were pre-ordered the first week of May!!  (Except the pins, so those orders with pins will be delayed a little longer.)  So we are starting to ship the orders out Today!!  Our order numbers range from 18650 to 19500, we will be sending out first ordered, first sent, so depending on where your order number is, you can expect your order over the next 4 weeks (estimated time to ship all of the orders ).   Again, please have patience with us, we have brought in extra help to accomplish this goal.  Again, thank you all for your orders, your patience and we hope you enjoy your items.!!!


2020 MD Sheep and Wool Festival Items

We have made it to June!!  Here is an update on the Festival items:  The business that makes the shirts, totes, etc, has been allowed to re-0pen!!  They are in the process of making this year’s Festival items, unfortunately, we still do not have an ETA on when Sheepman Supply will be getting the finished products to mail out to the 800+ orders we received in 1 week!!  Please continue to have patience with us and we will get your items to you as soon as we possibly are able.  (My Mom always told me Patience is a virtue and that I should have more of it!!  She was a Saint!)

2020 MS&WF Items

All of the 2020 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Items are now “out of stock” on our website.  We hope you were able to get the items for this year even tho there was not a Live Festival!!

Thank you for your order. 

At some point you should have read that these were ALL PRE-ORDERS. 

Since the Festival did not happen, no “items” were ordered nor could they be ordered as in past Festivals. In addition, because of Covid-19, the store that has always made the items in the past “is non-essential”  so they are still closed.  We will give them the total order numbers this week, but they can not start to make them until their state opens.  Our best guess, is that it will probably be mid-June until we can actually start shipping the products. 

If you just ordered 2019 MSWF items, we have started to ship them out, IF we had enough. We were limited on Bandanas, stuffed lambs, and fleece vests. These orders are being filled on a first ordered, first sent basis. If you ordered 2019 MSWF items with 2020 MSWF items, we are obviously holding those to send with the 2020 items when we get them, again on a first ordered, first sent basis. Also, if you ordered other items (signs, blankets, etc) we are holding those to ship with your 2020 items. If this is a problem, please contact us and we will try and to what we can to facilitate the problem.

However, we will start to collect the money for your order this week and will continue until we have collected over 800 orders  (our system only “holds onto the orders” for 30 days, otherwise we will have to call everyone for their credit card information).   We don’t want to, nor can we call over 800 people when the items finally do come in. If you are not satisfied with this process, or did not understand all of the problems this year, and would like to CANCEL your order, we certainly understand and will do that with an email from you.

We hope this makes sense and that you understand the process for this year.  We will make every effort to get your order out to you as soon as we receive the items.

Hopefully this will answer the many questions that have been sent our way on this process.

Again, Thank you for your order, your understanding, and your patience as we continue with this process.

Sheepman Supply

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

2020 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!

Starting on Saturday, May 2nd, from our website, you will be able to order MS&WF gear!!  T-shirts, Long Sleeve T’s, Sweatshirts, Totes, Posters and more!!  In addition, all 2019 items have been reduced and will be on a “first ordered, first sent” basis.  (2019 items will be held and send out with the 2020 items).

The items will be “live” for one (1) week to place your orders.  On Monday, May 11, at 12noon east coast time, the 2020 items will go “out of stock.”

2019 MSWF Bandana!

If you are still looking for a face covering during this Covid-19 outbreak, check out the 2019 MSWF Bandana or Tea Towel on our website!


Our policy for Covid-19

As an essential business, we will be remaining open for business.  We will be glad to take your order over the phone (or online) with your credit card and bring it out to your car (or send by UPS or USPS).


Thank you for your cooperation!