Shipping To Canada

We understand several customers from Canada have been having trouble placing orders. We think we have resolved the issue and would like for you to give it a try. Please let us know if there is still a problem. Thank for for shopping Sheepman Supply!

2019 MD Sheep and Wool Festival

We now have all the products we have received back from the Festival.  Unfortunately, we got very little clothing, no t-shirts or sweatshirts.  We do have many large and small posters available from many years back!  Check them out on the sale pages!

2019 MS&WF

We have received some items back from the Festival.  We hope to have all of the items on our website by Monday, May 11.

In addition, we have gone back and found several older posters which we will be adding to the website, check them out next week!!

Thank you for your patience!


Suspension of Sales of MS&WF Items

As of Friday morning, 4/26/2019, we will suspend all sales of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival items and making them temporarily unavailable for purchase.  All items will go to the Festival (including 2018 items) and be available for purchase there.

If any items are available after the festival, we will re-post them the week of May 13th.

Thank you very much for your purchases and we hope you enjoy the Festival!

2019 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Oh my!  Coming into the home stretch!  2 1/2 weeks til we pack up and go to the Festival!  If you would like anything “out of the ordinary” that we usually bring, send us an order, saying you will pick up at the Festival or give us a call!  We would be glad to help you out!!

2019 MSWF Additional Totes!!

Our apologies to those who have already ordered online with us, but we will be getting 2 additional totes which will be online to view by end of business Tuesday.  In addition, for those of you who have already ordered, we will be calling to see if you would want either of the totes added to your order.  One will be a “Sling Bag”, the other will be a “Cinch/Backpack” style.

2019 MD Sheep and Wool Festival Items are Here!!

We have received the 2019 MD Sheep and Wool Festival Shirts, Posters, and Totes for this year!!  They will be on our Featured page.  We have 1 t-shirt, 1 ladies hoodie, small and large posters, and 1 tote bag

There will be additional colors to choose from at the festival.

Please Note:  the images on the large and small posters are different!!

Thank You!

Sheepman Supply would like to give a big THANK YOU to our customers on our Open House Day!!  We really do appreciate you and your business!  We hope you were able to enjoy the Sausage and Pancake Breakfast, the many Door Prizes and we hope you were able to find something that will help you out with your business or your 4-H Career!  We hope to see you throughout 2019!!


February 9, 2019 will be Sheepman Supply’s annual Open House.  All of our products will be either 9% (credit card or check) or 11% (cash) off on this day!  If you wish to place an order for the Open House, at checkout, type in :  “Open House” where it says “apply coupon” on your order.  Or if you can make to the store that day, we will hold your order until then and process.  Or if you would like to call in your order, we will be glad to help you.  We will ship the orders out beginning the week of February 11th.

2019 UMD Lambing/Kidding Workshop

Sheepman Supply would like to thank UMD Extension (Susan Schoenian, UMD Sheep and Goat Specialist) for inviting us to their workshop on Saturday, January 19th.  It was a great learning experience and despite the weather forecast, a great turnout.  Hopefully, we can be of service to you and others in the future!