UPS Ground Expected Delivery Times

UPS Ground Map from 21701. This is the estimated time to ship via UPS Ground.


If any items you order are out of stock and/or on backorder, we will contact you. If you would like us to make substitutions or ship without backordered items instead, please indicate so in the “Additional Information” field of your order.

Large Shipments

Large equipment items (such as many items in the “Livestock Management” category), oversized items, and large, heavy orders exceed the standard shipping rates listed above. Please call or e-mail us for a shipping quote.

Shipping of Pharmaceuticals

Shipping carriers do not assume responsibility for refrigerated items. Refrigerated pharmaceuticals are shipped at your own risk.

We recommend shipping of pharmaceuticals on Monday or Tuesday, so that they may reach their destination within 3 days. If you are located outside our 3-day UPS coverage area, we recommend shipping of pharmaceuticals by 3-Day Select. One cold pack will be provided free of charge, but there may be a charge for additional reusable ice packs or styro coolers. Pharmaceuticals are non-returnable.ANYTHING LIQUID AND OR AEROSOLS CAN NOT BE SENT OUT USPS PRIORITY MAIL, IT HAS TO BE SENT OUT BY UPS.

We have no control over how pharmaceuticals are handled or used once they leave our premises. For this reason, we can assume no liability for improper storage or any off-label use. Since we cannot accept pharmaceuticals for return, please consider the following guidelines:

  1. Upon arrival, place biologicals under refrigeration. Store them in the refrigerator until ready to use.
  2. Read all information provided with the product before use.
  3. Discuss the use of the specific product within a total health program with your veterinarian.
  4. Once reconstituted, vaccines must be used immediately.
  5. Use only sterile disposable or heat-sterilized, reusable syringes.
  6. Take a few minutes to prepare your restraint set-up to minimize stress to the animal and assure safety for yourself.
  7. Administer the product exactly how directions indicate.
  8. Avoid exposure of just-vaccinated animals to stress or known infectious diseases for at least 3 weeks to allow vaccinations to take effect.
  9. Don’t allow bacterins to freeze. During winter, if your are expecting a shipment with vaccines or other pharmaceuticals, be on the look-out. We are not responsible to product damage due to freezing, as we have no control over how they are handled during shipment.
  10. Avoid vaccinating animals that are under stress. Examples of stress include shipping, co-mingling, rough physical handling, recent birthing, abrupt adverse weather changes, etc.
  11. Don’t use chemical disinfectants on syringes or needles. Heat sterilized or sterile disposable products are advisable.

Damaged Shipments

Our orders are filled with quality merchandise and are packed with the utmost care. However, there are occasions where merchandise is damaged during shipment. If, for some reason, merchandise has been damaged, contact the Sheepman Supply immediately. Do not throw out the packaging or the products, as we may need photos to send to the carrier.