Teat Dilators


Inserts for teat canals

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Dr. Naylor Teat Dilators
This treatment applies to the following species:

* Dairy Cattle

Manufacturer: Dr. Naylor

Each dilator contains:

Gentian violet available 0.64 mg in a soothing lubricating base. Contains no antibiotic.


Keep teat open in the treatment of cut, sore, bruised, scab teats.

Dr Naylor Dilators provide soft, comfortable protection to injured teat canal lining. Aid in preventing scar tissue obstructions. Keep teat open and milking while tissues heal.

Keep out of reach of children. Thoroughly clean udder and teats before milking.


1. Clean end of teat with soap and water or mild antiseptic. Insert dilator in teat and allow it to remain there until next milking, then remove dilator and discard. Discard first few streams of milk in strip cup, then milk out quarter.

2. Clean and disinfect teat each time before inserting dilator. Use a new dilator in teat between milkings until teat milks freely by hand.

CAUTION : Keep out of reach of children.

Clean udder and teats thoroughly before each milking. Do not remove cylinder from this box.

40 Dilators