Your Chickens


Advice for choosing, purchasing, raising, housing, and showing all breeds of chickens.

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If you have a chicken, or are thinking about getting one, you probably have many questions:
* What type of chicken should I raise?
* Where will I keep my chickens?
* How can I help my chickens stay healthy?
* How do I raise chickens to get the best eggs?
* What should I feed my chickens?
Your Chickens tells you nearly everything that you will need to know, including information on choosing, purchasing, raising, and showing all types of chickens. Whether you want to raise chickens for fun or to make money, Gail Damerow gives you her friendly and wise advice on the subject. You will also find important charts and checklists, so you know just what you should do and when you should do it to take the very best care of your chickens. Paper Back, 160 pages