Billy Buster Work Platform


Makes working on sheep and goats much easier, and stress free for the animal.

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Make of high quality construction. Work platform is 25″ tall and is ideal for deworming, ear tagging, trimming feet, giving shots, etc. Comes with a five foot long ramp with a drop gate at the top of the ramp. Deck and ramp are complete with tread plate flooring in order to prevent animals from slipping, and for easy cleaning. The left and right side access doors are mounted on the work platform, and there is a manual head gate at the front which has a swing out head cage. The head gate never needs adjusting whether its a small or large animal.

The unique head cage allows the head gate to be open wide so animals can come forward, but can’t jump through for an easier lock-up. The head cage can then be swung out of the way. When the animal is released they will automatically back up so you just let them jump down from the right or left side.

This new version comes with a removable floor so a digital weight platform can be inserted into the work deck. This combines more steps into one process and not only saves time, but also reduces the stress on the animals.

Work Platform Only – $1450.00 (410lbs.)
Work Platform with WP42-1 Scale – $1975.00 (470lbs.)
Work Platform with WP42-2 Scale – $2195.00 (475lbs.)