Leather Halter, Cattle


Leather Cattle halters that vary in color, style and size. Call for availability!

**Prices will vary when calling for availability

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Rounded Halter:

Bridle leather halter features a rounded noseband and cheekpieces as well as durable corner stays. Leather is smoothed and finished for maximum comfort and style. Double crown adjustments offer a great fit. Durable nickel plated hardware. Comes complete with a 20″ chain and 36″ lead that is sewn for a sleek, refined look.

Extra Small: 350 – 700 lbs.
Small: 650 – 1,050 lbs.
Medium: 950 – 1,500 lbs.
Large: 1,400 – 1,650 lbs.
Extra Large: 1,600 lbs. & Over

Black/Brown Magic Halter:

Constructed from black or brown bridle leather with black or brown hardware that blends in with the animal’s hair, this halter does not detract the judge’s attention from your animal’s features.  This halter features a rounded noseband, rounded cheekpieces, durable corner stays and smoothed and finished edges. The double crown adjustments feature sleek, low-profile buckles for an updated, refined look. Hardware is a glossy black finish over steel except for the buckles that have a glossy black or brown finish over zinc die cast. Comes with a 20″ chain and 36″ lead.- Black on black finish or Brown on brown finish

Scalloped Halter:

Attractive older style show halter with wide nose band. Avaliable in Black or Brown

S – Small, (650 – 1,000 lbs.)
M – Medium, (850 – 1,400 lbs.)
L – Large, (1,400 – 1,650 lbs.)


  • Prices will vary when calling in for availability