2020 Open House

February 8, 2020 will be Sheepman Supply’s annual Open House.  All of our products will be either 9% (credit card or check) or 11% (cash) off on this day!  If you wish to place an order for the Open House, at checkout, type in :  “Open House” where it says “apply coupon” on your order.  If requesting large equipment, please try to place your order by 1/21/2020.  Or if you can make to the store that day, we will hold your order until then and process.  Or if you would like to call in your order, we will be glad to help you.  We will ship the orders out beginning the week of February 10th.  If you can make it to the store we will be open from 830am to 1pm, you will also be able to have a Sausage and Pancake Breakfast on us, from 830am to 1130am.

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