1. Sling Bag - MOVE IT - better than a loader or dump cart
  2. Scale Model, NH Plush Tractor - Plush model
  3. Scale Model, Plush Horse - Plush horse with fuzzy tail and mane
  4. Bungii Cord Set, 8-Pc. - Bungees/Bungy
  5. Drill Bit Set, 13-Pc. - Multipurpose for wood, plastic and metal
  6. Scraper Set, 3-Pc. - Includes 1'', 2'' and 3'' size scrapers
  7. Screwdriver Set, 6-Pc. - Straight and Phillips edge screwdrivers
  8. Hex Key Set, 20-Pc. - Set of Hex wrenches/Allen wrenches in inches and metric
  9. Measuring Tape - 25'
  10. Trouble Light - Includes cord and metal light
  11. Gloves, Canvas - Strong, comfortable cotton canvas resists scrapes and abrasions
  12. Dixie Chopper T-Shirts - Gray t-shirts with Ceresville New Holland and Dixie Chopper logos
  13. Bucket, Flat Back Plastic 20-Quart - Touch, plastic 20-quart flat back bucket
  14. Feed Tub, Plastic - Plastic feed tub
  15. Weather Vane - Available in multiple animals
  16. Fly Rid - Permethrin fly spray
  17. HaySaver - Large square and round bale feeders for horses, cattle, and sheep
  18. Manure Spreader - Compact manure spreaders in multiple sizes for different numbers of animals
  19. Allflex Custom Tags - Add your logo, initials, custom numbering or lettering, farm name to tags
  20. Business Card Holder, Custom Design - Please see product details for available designs
  21. Candle Holder, Custom Design - Please see product details for available designs
  22. Keychain Rack, Custom Design - Please see product details for available designs
  23. Mailbox Topper, Custom Design - Please see product details for available designs
  24. Napkin Holder, Custom Design - Please see product details for available designs
  25. Paper Towel Holder, Custom Design - Please see product details for available designs
  26. Welcome Sign, Custom Design - Please see product details for available designs
  27. Shindaiwa T Series Trimmers - Versatile, lightweight trimmers
  28. Shindaiwa C Series Brushcutters - Easy on the user, tough on everything else
  29. Shindaiwa M Series Multi-Tool Systems - Never has so much versatility and power come in one tool
  30. Shindaiwa DH/HT Series Hedge Trimmers - The combination of power and sleek design
  31. Shindaiwa LE Series Lawn Edgers - Long-lasting, clean cuts every time
  32. Shindaiwa EB Series Blowers - Models for every type of user.
  33. Shindaiwa Chain Saws - Professional grade, high performance, small displacement chain saws
  34. Shindaiwa P Series Pole Pruners - Versatile and light, with a reach of over nine feet
  35. Shindaiwa SP Series Backpack Sprayers - Treat anything from small plants to large fields
  36. Shindaiwa PB Series PowerBrooms - A push broom with torque
  37. Needles, 16 gauge x 1 in. - Packs of 5, 10, 20, or 100
  38. Syringes, 12cc - Packs of 5, 10, or 80
  39. Feeder, Bunk 5' Sheep/Goat - Heavy-duty galvanized bunk feeder for sheep/goats
  40. Feeder, Bunk 10' - Heavy-duty galvanized bunk feeder
  41. Feeder, Bunk -- 10' Hay Rack - Hay rack for 10' feed bunk
  42. Panel, Hay Feeder - Make a stacked hay feeder with 4 Hay Feeder Panels
  43. Gate, Mesh - Gate with spacing designed for hogs, sheep or goats
  44. Panel, Fencing, Hog 34 Inch - Fence panel designed for hogs
  45. Panel, Fencing, Combination 52 Inch - Fence panel with spaces becoming smaller from top to bottom
  46. Livestock Chute Head Gate, Self Catching - No operator needed--this gate automatically latches around the neck of the animal.
  47. Livestock Chute, Squeeze Chute - Most fully featured manual chute available anywhere
  48. Gate, Utility Duty, 6-Rail - Behlen utility-duty gate in 4'-18' sizes
  49. Gate, Medium Duty, 7-Rail - Behlen medium-duty gate in 4'-18' sizes
  50. Panel, Corral Entrance - Complete your round corral pen with an entrance
  51. Panel, Corral - Create a round corral pen with Corral Panels
  52. Calf Hutch, Deluxe - Protect calves from weather extremes with a Calf Hutch. Deluxe hutch features feed door and ridge vents.
  53. Feeder, Hog, Double Door P-2A - Galvanized steel hog feeder
  54. Feeder, Hog, One Door P-1A - Galvanized steel hog feeder
  55. Feeder, Bunk -- 5' Hay Rack - Hay rack for 5' feed bunk
  56. Feeder, Bunk 5' Horse - Heavy-duty galvanized bunk feeder for horses
  57. Feeder, Critter Tire - 3-gal. animal feeder conveniently fits inside an old tire
  58. Insectrin Dust - For lice, flies, fleas, and ticks
  59. Goat Collar, Chain Show - Lighter weight chain collar for showing smaller goats
  60. Needles, 18 gauge x 1 in. - Packs of 5, 10, 20, or 100
  61. Sign, Bunny Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  62. Needles, 20 gauge x 1 in. - Packs of 5, 10, 20, or 100
  63. Maxi B 1000 *****currently unavailable****** - Supplemental source of B complex vitamins ****product currently unavailable***
  64. Needles, 22 gauge x 1 in. - Packs of 5, 10, 20, or 100
  65. Neomycin Oral Solution - Treatment and control of colibacillosis
  66. Levasole-Tramisol Injectable - Broad-spectrum dewormer
  67. Feed Scoop, Galvanized Metal - Holds 4 quarts
  68. Heated Bucket, Flat-Back Plastic - 5-gallon bucket with heater to prevent freezing
  69. De-Icer Guard for Plastic Tanks - Designed to protect a plastic tank when using a de-icer
  70. Cattle Duster - For applying fly dust to cattle
  71. Waterer, Dura Mate - Designed with a proven and reliable float control to maintain a constant water level
  72. Bucket, Muck - Extra sturdy with nylon rope handles on each side
  73. Feed Tub, Corner Feeder - Corner feeder can be mounted in your stall by two different methods
  74. Feed Pan, 6.5 Gallon - Black, rubber 6.5-gallon feeder pan
  75. Feed Pan, 6.5 Gallon with Hooks - Black, rubber 6.5-gallon feeder pan with hooks
  76. Pitch Fork, Plastic - Easy to use in confined spaces
  77. Water Tank Float Valve - Attaches to garden hose for automatic watering
  78. Point-Guard Applicator - Designed to apply external insecticides to animals
  79. Hay Rack, Corner SR16 - Heavy duty rack fits corner of stall
  80. Hay Rack, Wall SR1475 - Sturdy metal hay rack mounts on wall
  81. Bigeloil Liquid - Easy-to-apply form for pain relief
  82. Heated Bucket, 16-Gallon Plastic - 16-gallon bucket with heater to prevent freezing
  83. Bucket Heater - 1000 watts of heating power for metal or plastic buckets
  84. Heated Bucket, 9 Quart - Great for lambs, kids or puppies
  85. Agrimycin Antibiotic Powder - For control and treatment of specific diseases in poultry, cattle, sheep and swine
  86. Syringes, 35cc - Individual or Packs of 5 or 30
  87. Ivercare - Ivermectin paste for horses
  88. Syringes, 3cc - Packs of 5, 10, or 100
  89. BounceBack - Multi-species electrolyte supplement
  90. Salt Block Feeder - Raised ribs and drain holes keep blocks dry
  91. Cydectin Drench for Sheep - Moxidectin oral drench specially formulated for sheep
  92. Bucket, Flat Back Plastic 8 Quart - Plastic 8 quart flat back bucket
  93. Noromectin Ivermectin Injection - 1% ivermectin solution parasiticide for cattle and swine
  94. Electric Fence Charger - Outdoor/indoor fence charger with 110 V and 12 V power options
  95. Syringes, 20cc - Box of 50
  96. Syringes, 6cc - Packs of 5, 10, or 50
  97. Bucket, Stainless Steel - Sturdy, metal bucket for feeding or watering
  98. Bandage, Co-Flex - Vetrap - Use to hold dressings or as a running bandage
  99. Di-Methox, Powder, 107 Grams - Soluble powder to prevent and treat disease outbreaks in chickens and turkeys or cows and calves
  100. Spectam Scour-Halt - Control scours associated with E. coli with spectinomycin
  101. Knife, Pocket - Stainless steel
  102. Iodine, Povidone 10% - Highly effective topical preparation
  103. Balling Gun, Plastic - Use to administer medicine orally to animals. Multiple sizes for different animals.
  104. CD/T Vaccine (Bar-Vac) - Clostridium perfringens type C & D tetanus toxoid
  105. Heat Lamp, Clamp-On - Clamp light with non-metallic sockets
  106. Liniment - Soothes, cleanses, and leaves a lustrous sheen
  107. Atroban - Permethrin spray for livestock and premises
  108. Catron IV - Kills worms and insect larvae around wounds
  109. Nurser, Bottle - Plastic nurser bottle
  110. Calm and Cool - A specific blend of herbs to produce calming effect on the equine nervous system
  111. CMPK Bolus - Bolus with additional nutrients
  112. CyLence Pour-On Insecticide - Controls flies and lice on beef cattle, dairy cattle, and lactating dairy cattle
  113. Dairy Bomb Fly Spray - Fly spray for use in facilities of all kinds
  114. Cydectin Pour-On Applicator Gun - Pour-on gun for Cydectin wormer
  115. Sweat Scraper, Metal - Inexpensive scraper
  116. De-Icer, Water Tank Drain Plug - Installs in drain plug opening of Rubbermaid water tanks
  117. De-Icer, Floating Tank - Unsinkable and fits in any tank
  118. DeLice Synergized Pour-On - Ready to use, pour-on insecticide
  119. Bucket, Rubber - Black rubber 12 qt. bucket with metal handle
  120. Bucket, Flat Back Rubber - 20-quart bucket sits against walls to save space
  121. Blu-Kote - Skin treatment
  122. Dura Pen Injectable - Procaine penicillin G and benzathine penicillin
  123. A-Lyte Concentrate - Treat dehydration and shipping stress
  124. Blood Stop Powder - Helps control minor bleeding from superficial cuts and wounds
  125. Duramycin 72-200 - Injectable solution of oxytetracycline
  126. Calcium Gluconate 23% - Treatment of milk fever (parturient paresis)
  127. Dextrose 50% - Treat dextrose deficiencies in cattle
  128. Kaolin-Pectin - For diarrhea
  129. NFZ Puffer - .2% nitrofurazone in a water-soluble base
  130. Triodine 7 - Topical antiseptic
  131. Vitamin A D Injectable - Vitamins A and D are essential for proper growth, health, and reproductive performance
  132. Vitamin B Complex Injectable - Injectable source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and niacin
  133. Uterine Bolus - Antiseptic and proteolytic aid in infection sites and wounds.
  134. Bloat Treatment - Treat frothy bloat in ruminants
  135. Lubricant, All Purpose - Ready-to-use
  136. Oral Cal MPK Solution - Treat metabolic disorders and restore proper electrolyte balance
  137. Cal-Mag-SE Gel - Supplemental calcium
  138. CMPK Gel - Nutritional supplement for dairy cattle during calving
  139. Bag Balm - Moisturizer and softener for healing chapped skin and superficial abrasions
  140. Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray - Up to 14 days fly control
  141. Quic Color Shampoo - Color intensifying shampoo created for all dark-colored horses
  142. Glis'ning Hi-Lites - For the ultimate finishing touches
  143. Fence Feeder 11'' - Hooks over fence to provide feed to animals
  144. Fence Feeder 16'' - Hooks over fence to provide feed to animals
  145. Fly Trap Attractant - Attractant for fly traps
  146. Fly Terminator Trap - Fly trap with attractant
  147. Sulmet, Bolus - Treat respiratory diseases in horses and cattle with sulfamethazine (bolus form)
  148. Nolvasan - Chlorhexidine diacetate disinfectant
  149. Kopertox - Thrush treatment
  150. Cydectin Pour-On, Dairy & Beef - Moxidectin.
  151. Flysect Citronella Spray - Natural pyrethrin and citronella fly spray
  152. Swat Fly Repellent Ointment - Protect wounds against flies
  153. Flysect Super 7 - One application provides control for 5-10 days
  154. Aloe Heal - First-aid cream
  155. Wound Kote - Quick-drying antiseptic dressing
  156. Flysect Repellent Spray - Economical fly protection that's easy on sensitive skin
  157. Flysect Roll-On - Fly repellent for horses' faces
  158. Shampoo, White 'n Brite - Specially formulated to add brightness to light-colored coats
  159. Dri-Kleen - Use as a shampoo for horses when water is not available
  160. Iodine, Surgical Scrub 7.5% - Highly effective germicidal cleanser
  161. Sponge, Tack - Convenient size, super absorbent, never hardens
  162. Sponge, Body - Won't harden, super absorbent
  163. Granulex V Wound Dressing - Clean wounds
  164. Scarlex Antiseptic Dressing - Slow-drying antiseptic dressing
  165. Feed Pan, 3 Gallon - Black, rubber 3-gallon feeder pan
  166. Feed Pan, 1 Gallon - Black, rubber 1-gallon feeder pan
  167. Keto Plus Gel - Supplement for dairy cattle while calving
  168. Lepto 5 Vaccine - Protect cattle and swine against diseases caused by Leptospira
  169. Nipple, Pure Gum Lamb - Made of a soft rubber gum.
  170. Sweet Molasses - Old-fashioned feed-grade hay and feed topper for livestock
  171. Mineral/Vitamin Block for Sheep/Goats - Calcium, phosphorus, and other mineral/vitamin block for sheep and goats
  172. Milk Jugg Trap - Fly trap fits on top of gallon milk jug
  173. Covexin 8 - Vaccination for cattle and sheep
  174. Levasole-Tramisol Drench***TEMP. UNAVAILABLE*** - Drench dewormer for sheep***temporarily unavailable***
  175. ***currently unavailable***Levasole-Tramisol Bolus - Broad-spectrum anthelmintic effective against stomach worms, intestinal worms and lungworms
  176. Footvax Injectable - Foot rot bacterin for prevention and treatment in sheep
  177. Ultra Boss Pour-On Insecticide - Concentrated pour-on for sheep and cattle
  178. Shampoo, Mane & Tail - For shiny, manageable hair of horses or humans
  179. Conditioner, Mane and Tail - For shiny, manageable hair of horses or humans
  180. Nasalgen IP Injectable - Prevent disease caused by IBR and PI3 virus
  181. Bucket, Plastic - Impact resistant, stable tested plastic 8 qt. bucket
  182. Liquamycin LA-200 - Antibiotic for IM or SQ use
  183. Shampoo, Orvus W.A. Paste - Concentrated soap in paste form
  184. Gun (Dispenser), Universal Paste and Gel - Gun for paste and gel products
  185. Piliguard - Moraxella Bovis Bacterin (prevent pinkeye)
  186. Pen-G Injectable - Injectable solution of penicillin G procaine
  187. Colostrx Plus - Provides 55 grams of globulin protein and other essential nutrients to supplement maternal colostrum
  188. Safe-Guard Paste - Paste dewormer for cows and horses
  189. Safe-Guard Paste Dispensing Gun - Dispensing gun for Safe-Guard 290 gram tube
  190. Safe-Guard Drench - Drench dewormer for cattle
  191. Safe-Guard Suspension for Goats - 10% suspension for removal and control of stomach worms
  192. Dectomax Pour-On - Doramectin 0.5%.
  193. Dectomax Injectable - Doramectin 1%
  194. Terramycin Powder***unavailable*** - Broad spectrum antibiotic containing oxytetracycline hydrochloride
  195. Strongid Paste - Paste dewormer for horses and ponies
  196. Terramycin Opthalmic Ointment - Treat infections of the eye in large and small animals
  197. Re-Sorb - Oral hydration elecrolyte product for scouring calves
  198. Albon, Bolus - Treat cattle for pneumonia, shipping fever, foot rot, calf diphtheria.
  199. Therabloat - Relieve legume bloat in cattle
  200. Valbazen Drench - Albendazole dewormer controls tapeworms
  201. Water Tank, 100 Gallon - Sturdy stock tank
  202. Water Tank, 50 Gallon - Sturdy stock tank
  203. Hoofmaker Creme - For hand, nail and body
  204. Sulmet, Solution - Treat diseases in cattle, poultry, and swine with sulfamethazine (solution form)
  205. Screw Worm Aerosol Spray - Kill worms and insect larvae around wounds
  206. Tri-Tec 14 - Up to 14 days fly control
  207. Udder Balm - Soothe dry, cracked, chapped and sore udders
  208. Calf Scour Bolus, 5-Way - Treat beef and dairy calves for bacterial pneumonia, bacterial enteritis/scours and shipping fever
  209. UltraShield Fly Spray - Kills and repels flies for up to five days
  210. UltraShield Towlette - Applying UltraShield to face and ears is easy
  211. Vitamin E-A-D - Injectable vitamin E, A, and D3
  212. Zimecterin Gold Paste Dewormer - Removes roundworms, tapeworms, and bots with a single dose
  213. Goat Blanket, Show - Specifically designed for use on goats
  214. ElectroNet, Sheep - Ideal for keeping in sheep and keeping out predators
  215. ElectroNet Replacement Pole - Replacement poles for ElectroNet fencing system
  216. Lister Comb, Cavalier - Ideal for medium coarse wool sheep
  217. Lister Shearers, Laser - Lightweight, cool running shearing machine
  218. Ram Harness, Cross Your Heart - Designed to fit and stay on smaller briskets
  219. Harness Crayons - Fit most harnesses and suitable for all weather conditions
  220. Ram Shield, Polled - Blocks forward vision, which prevents ram from charging
  221. Raddle Powder - Eliminates the need for a marking harness
  222. Heat Lamp with Plastic Guard - Heat lamp assembly improved for safety and durability
  223. Ewe Prolapse Harness - Nylon harness with buckles for secure fit
  224. Nurser, Lamb 'n' Kid Feeding Bottle - Plastic bottle designed for the rigors of feeding
  225. Nipple, Pritchard Teat - Easy-to-use, screw-on, fits on a soda bottle, no air lock
  226. Marker, Rotostick - Livestock marking stick with plastic container
  227. Hoof Rot Shear, Burgon & Ball - Professional hoof rot shears
  228. Cane, Aluminum 54'' - Stronger; less likely to break or bend
  229. Gambrel Restrainer - Quickly and humanely restrain sheep, goats, and other animals
  230. Cover, Clipper Head/Blade - Cover to protect clipper heads with blades attached, or blades
  231. Shearer's Screwdriver, Plastic - For attaching shearing combs to shearing machines
  232. Lister Clippers, Stablemate - Excellent clipper for beginners
  233. Lister Clippers, Showman - Portable clippers powered from any 12 volt source
  234. Premier Clippers, 4000c - For impatient, experienced and ""Type A"" users
  235. Premier Shearers, Clipping Head - Convert Premier 3000s/4000s shearers to clippers
  236. Premier Shearers, 4000s - This machine often ""wows"" those familiar with motor-in-the-handpiece shearing machines
  237. Premier Clippers, Shearing Head - Requires just 2 screws, 3 minutes & a screwdriver to switch from a Premier shear head to this Premier clipper head & vice versa.
  238. Lister Cutter, Champion AC9 - 9-tooth cutter
  239. Shearing Instruction Poster - Quick reference, easy-to-follow diagrams
  240. Lister Comb, Premier - Ideal for medium to coarse open fleece
  241. Premier Comb, 13-Tooth Spirit - General purpose comb
  242. Lister Comb, Countryman - Ideal for novice shearers in all wool types
  243. Lister Comb, Predator - Ideal for experienced sheep shearers in medium to coarse open fleece
  244. Lister Comb, Senator - Ideal for coarse wool sheep
  245. Comb Lifter - For use on camelids, alpacas, goats and other hair species
  246. Hand Shears, Triple Ground - Almost straight edges are triple ground
  247. Hand Shears, Red Shank - Popular show shear
  248. Hand Shears, Mini Trim - Handy for close trimming in tight areas around legs and head
  249. Hand Shears, Bent Blue Handle - Unlike other hand shears, the handle is bent 15
  250. Lister Blade Set, Coarse - Preferred when it comes to cutting through dirt
  251. Lister Blade Set, Medium - Leaves a little more wool than fine blade, making it suitable for shearing pink-skinned breeds
  252. Premier Blade Set, Medium - For body clipping horses and slick shearing pink-skinned sheep
  253. Lister Blade Set, Fine - Gives a close, smooth cut. Commonly used for slick-shearing sheep
  254. Premier Blade Set, Fine - For slick shearing sheep, clipping heads and bellies of cattle. Also preferred for body clipping performance horses.
  255. Lister Blade Set, Surgical - Shaves nearly all the fiber from the skin
  256. Premier Blade Set, Surgical - For slick shearing lambs & surgical preparation
  257. Lister Blade Set, Covercote - Unique plucking blade to be used on goats and hogs, or when preparing cattle and sheep for production sales
  258. Premier Blade Set, Xtra Cover - For clipping show pigs and goats
  259. Lister Blade Set, Wizard SS - Similar to LR but with straight, sharper teeth
  260. Lister Blade Set, Wizard LR - Suitable for blocking sheep and shearing small flocks
  261. Gestation Calendar Wheel, Sheep - Calculate gestation schedules
  262. Cane, Aluminum 60'' - Stronger; less likely to break or bend
  263. Premier Comb, 13-Tooth Blackhawk 92 - For shearing farm/range flocks and blocking show sheep.
  264. Cane, Chestnut, 54 Inch - Very decorative
  265. Ewe Bearing Retainer - Control vaginal prolapse in ewes
  266. Lister Cutter, GT4 - Heavy-duty cutter designed to withstand repeated sharpenings
  267. Lister Cutter, 400 - Made from the finest steel, with straight cut gullets for minimum resistance in all wool conditions.
  268. Premier Comb, 20-Tooth PhantomR - For shaping show animals and shearing llamas, goats & coarse wools.
  269. Premier Comb, 20-Tooth PhantomS - Identical to PhantomR but with sharp tips & no bevel--so never use it against the skin.
  270. Hoof Rot Shear, Burgon & Ball, Replacement Blade - Replacement blades for Burgon & Ball hoof rot shears
  271. Premier Cutter, 4-Point - Standard 4 point cutter
  272. Ivomec Pour-On Applicator - Applicator for Ivomec and Eprinex pour-ons
  273. Ivomec Eprinex Dairy Dewormer - Eprinomectin dewormer for lactating dairy cattle
  274. Ivomec Drench Sheep Dewormer - Ivermectin .08% dewormer for sheep
  275. Ivomec Plus Injectable Cattle Dewormer - Dewormer for cattle
  276. Ivomec Pour-On - Topical dewormer for cattle
  277. Ivomec Injectable Cattle/Swine Dewormer - Ivermectin 1% dewormer for cattle and swine
  278. Lamb Sweater, Wether - Keep lambs tight hided and clean until show time
  279. Feed Scoop with Scale - Scoop with integrated scale for weighing feed
  280. Weight Tape, Beef - For estimating weight of beef cattle
  281. Sheep Figure in Star Wreath - Decorative sheep laying inside star wreath
  282. Bull Lead with Chain - Lead bulls by the nose
  283. Bull Lead with Spring - For leading bulls by the nose
  284. Saw Wire, OB - Great for cutting horns
  285. Shear Sharpener - Sharpener for scissors and hand/hoof shears
  286. Life on the Farm - Collect your milk check when you pass the barn, be the first to retire and you win
  287. Aureomycin 50 - Chlortetracycline feed supplement, protects against certain diseases
  288. Riding Crop 28'' - With 1 1/2'' wide snapper
  289. Riding Crop 26'' - With 5/8'' wide loop at end
  290. Cattle Comb, Standard 6"" Aluminum - Unique 40 tooth design for easy grooming
  291. Hoof Shear, Shear Magic - Our most popular hoof shear
  292. Cattle Comb, Franklin Skip & Groom 9"" Aluminum - Back-to-back design with skip and groom sides
  293. Cattle Comb, Blades, Skip & Groom 9"" - Back-to-back design with skip and groom sides
  294. Cattle Comb, Blades, Franklin Fluff & Groom 9"" - Back-to-back comb for fluffing and grooming
  295. Gloves, PVC/Cotton - Tough but lightweight with PVC coating
  296. Sign, Private Property No Hunting - 12''x18'' sign
  297. Sign, Stop No Hunting or Tresspassing - 12''x18'' sign
  298. Sign, No Trespassing - 12''x18'' sign
  299. Mane Comb, Aluminum - 4 1/4'' x 2 1/4'' comb
  300. Thermometer, Digital - Digital thermometer
  301. Safe-Guard .5% Pellets - Pellet dewormer for multiple species
  302. Sheep Pin - Decorative sheep pin for attachment to shirt or coat
  303. Mineral, Sheep on Pasture - Calcium, phosphorus, salt, selenium, vitamin A-D-E fortified mineral
  304. Mineral, Sheep Medicated - Lasalocid, calcium, phosphorus, salt, selenium, vitamin A-D-E fortified mineral
  305. Sorting Stick, 54 Inch Deluxe - Green composite fiberglass sorting pole
  306. Sorting Stick, 54 Inch - Fiberglass pole, 1/2"" diameter, rubber grip
  307. Sign, Boer Goat Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  308. Marker, Crayon - Paint-stick type livestock marker
  309. Sign, Geese & Quackers Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  310. Sign, Chicken Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  311. Sign, Sheep Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  312. Sign, Goat Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  313. Sign, Pig Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  314. Sign, Sheepdog Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  315. Sign, Horse Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  316. Sign, Duck Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  317. Sign, Cattle Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  318. Sign, Border Collie Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  319. Sign, Farm Equipment Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  320. Sign, Holstein Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  321. Sign, Angus Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  322. Sign, Jersey Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  323. Sign, Limousin Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  324. Sign, Hereford Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  325. Sign, Shorthorn Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  326. Sign, Texas Longhorn Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  327. Sign, Alpaca Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  328. Sign, Tractor Crossing - 12''x12'' sign
  329. Dehorner, Barnes Manual - Superior, 17'' long dehorner
  330. Sign, Llama Crossing - 12""x12"" sign
  331. Di-Methox, Solution, 1 Gallon - Solution to prevent and treat disease outbreaks in chickens and turkeys or cows and calves
  332. Sheep Figure, Laying Down - Laying down craft sheep figure
  333. Sheep Figure, Standing - Standing craft sheep figure
  334. Thermometer - Veterinary-quality thermometer
  335. Sheep Figure Carrying Wool Bag - Decorative sheep figure carrying a bag of wool
  336. Cow Figure with Blue Ribbon - Holstein cow figure with blue ribbon around neck
  337. Sheep with Blanket - Plastic sheep with colorful blanket over back
  338. Sheep with Wool Wagon - Plastic sheep pulling wagon of wool bags
  339. Horse with Free Kittens - Plastic horse figure
  340. Balling Gun, Metal - Use to administer oral medication to animals
  341. Cows with Blankets, Set of 3 - Set of three cows with assorted blankets
  342. Cows and Stars on Base - Excellent decoration for windows
  343. Barn - Craft item
  344. Goat with Milk Carrier - Plastic goat figure
  345. Crystalyx Dry Cow Formula Vitamin/Mineral Block - Designed to be used at the beginning of the dry cow period up to calving, or when other products can provide specific nutrient delivery in the Close-Up or fresh pens
  346. Sicssors, Metzenbaum - Surgical scissors designed for cutting delicate tissue
  347. Scissors, Straight Operating - Stainless steel scissors
  348. Drenching Syringe, Stubby Dose - Easy-to-hold drencher for small animals
  349. Drenching/Feeding Syringe - Invaluable for drenching small flocks or single animals
  350. Drenching Gun, Manual 200 cc - Made of heavy-duty lightweight plastic for long life
  351. Drenching Gun, Labelvage - Ideal for dosing larger animals such as cattle or sheep
  352. Cattle & Horse Hoof Trimmers - Heavy duty compound action hoof shear for horses and cattle
  353. Nipple, Lamb, Controlled Flow - Hollow tip allows milk to be regulated from slow to fast
  354. Stethoscope - Classic nurse's style-model
  355. Panel, Fencing, Hi Five 60 Inch - Fence panel designed for goats and sheep
  356. Aureomycin 4 g Crumbles - Chlortetracycline type C medicated feed
  357. Bell, Lightweight - Lightweight bell with metallic ring
  358. Pig Drinker - Threaded metallic nipple dispenses liquids to pigs
  359. Crystalyx Hi-Mag Tasco-Lyx Vitamin/Mineral Block - Unique, nutrient-dense, protein supplement with Tasco, formulated to improve utilization of forage low in protein and when magnesium supplementation is critical.
  360. Corid Solution - Prevent and treat coccidiosis (solution form)
  361. Crystalyx BGF-30 Beef Vitamin/Mineral Block - Designed to provide cattle with supplemental energy, protein, macro minerals (extra phosphorus) and trace minerals to help overcome nutritional inadequacies of fresh and stored forages
  362. Crystalyx Iono-Lyx B300 Beef/Dairy Vitamin - Medicated for increased rate of weight gain in pasture cattle
  363. Sav-a-Hoof Liquid - Protects equine hooves from diseases
  364. Sav-a-Hoof Soak - Deep penetrating formula for hooves
  365. Bucket Feeder, 3 Position - 8 liter bucket with three nipples
  366. Boots, Disposable - Increase bio-security with plastic boots
  367. Electrolytes Plus - Nutritional supplement of dextrose, glycine, sodium bicarbonate and microbials
  368. Salt Brick, Plain - 4 pound salt block
  369. Salt Brick, Red Trace Mineral - 4 pound salt brick with trace minerals
  370. Gloves, Split Cowhide Tough Job - Gloves combine soft cowhide with tougher fabric for more durable gloves
  371. Feed, Goat Tradition Finisher R25 - Palatable, nutrient dense goat finisher formulated specifically to be fed to goats sixteen-weeks-of-age through market
  372. Feed, Alpaca Tradition Crumbles - Contains high quality ingredients in a palatable formulation designed to meet the nutritional requirements of alpaca
  373. Dehorning Paste - By Dr. Naylor
  374. Gloves, Rubber/Cotton Garden - Great fit and grip for handling gardening, tools, lumber, and metal
  375. Gloves, Rubber/Cotton Insulated - Great fit and warmth
  376. Sheep in a Circle Lamp - Sheep and crows lamp with silicone dipped bulb
  377. Barn Night Light - Carefully hand painted barn night light
  378. Tags, Brass Adult Sheep & Hog Ear - Metal tags for adult sheep and hogs
  379. Feed, Sheep 16% Complete B30 - For starter, grower, finisher, breeder & lactating sheep
  380. Crystalyx Stable-Lyx Horses Vitamin/Mineral - Ensures daily intake of trace minerals and vitamins necessary for top performance
  381. Crystalyx SWEET 14% Multi-Species Vitamin/Mineral - Designed for times when cattle, equine, bison, sheep and goats co-mingle
  382. Crystalyx Sheep-Lyx Vitamin/Mineral Block - Helps ensure maximum forage digestion, as well as weight gain, lactation and wool growth
  383. Crystalyx Goat-Lyx Vitamin/Mineral Block - Formulated to provide the added nutrition for enhancing forage utilization and goat production measures for growth, lactation, reproduction and health
  384. Crystalyx Premium Goat & Sheep Vitamin/Mineral - Designed for all classes of goats and sheep consuming lower quality forages; increased protein levels will dramatically improve forage digestion and intake with added Vitamin E to help meet animal requirements.
  385. Feed, Goat Tradition Starter/Grower D22.7 - Palatable, nutrient dense goat starter/grower formulated specifically to be fed to one-week to sixteen-week-old kids and medicated with Deccox
  386. Feed, Lamb Starter 20% B90 - Palatable, nutrient dense, pelleted or texturized lamb starters formulated specifically to be fed to one-week to four-week-old lambs until lambs are eating well
  387. Cow, Black Angus - Plastic cow figure 4.5''x6''
  388. Pig & Piglet Figure - Makes a great gift
  389. Goat with Head Down - Plastic goat figure
  390. Goat with Turned Head - Plastic goat figure
  391. Shear Sharpener, Burgon & Ball - Designed for Burgon & Ball sheep shears
  392. Gloves, Split Cowhide/Grain - Combined soft cowhide below hand with a tougher grain on top
  393. Gloves, Cowhide - Soft, supple, and comfortable fit
  394. Alcohol, Isopropyl - General cleanser and disinfectant
  395. Leather Conditioner, Bick 4 - Cleans, polishes, and conditions leather while repelling water
  396. Whistle, Dog - For signalling sheep dogs while herding
  397. Hoof Trimmer, Sheep and Goat - Designed to make trimming of hooves as smooth and easy as possible
  398. Leg Holder, Sheep and Goat - Designed to hold legs securely so that feet can be trimmed
  399. Burdizzo Emasculatome - Bloodless castration tool
  400. Beef Infovets CD - Hundreds of pages of information that every cattle owner should know
  401. Branding Paint - Lanolin based, scourable marking fluid for sheep
  402. Gloves, Deerskin Black - Luxury deerskin black gloves
  403. Branding Digits, 0-9, Paint 4"" - Branding digits for paint branding
  404. Wool Bags, Burlap - Porous burlap allows the wool to ''breathe''
  405. Nurser, Bottle, Calf Nipple - Calf nipple for Bottle Nurser
  406. Cane Tip - Rubber tip for end of any cane
  407. Cattle Rub - Fly control at its easy, effective and economical best
  408. Nurser Bottle Holder - Hook the Bottle Nurser over a fence
  409. Christmas Cards, 3 Shepherds and Star - ""May the light of Christmas shine for all the world to see... and may God's love shine brightly for you all through the year!""
  410. Cow-Calf Manager - A sophisticated program that does what you need a cow-calf program to do, but is very easy to use
  411. Gestation Calendar Wheel, Cattle - Calculate gestation schedules
  412. CL Ewe Replacer - Colostrum replacer for lambs
  413. CL Llama Replacer - Colostrum replacer for llamas
  414. CL Mare Replacer - Colostrum replacer for foals
  415. CL Nanny Replacer - Colostrum replacer for kids
  416. Tail Docker, Electric - Electric-heated scissors to dock and cauterize tails and navels
  417. Extra Ice Pack, Large - For shipment of pharmaceuticals
  418. Extra Ice Pack, Small - For shipment of pharmaceuticals
  419. Howard Card Protector - Designed to protect teeth
  420. Creolin General Purpose Cleanser - General disinfectant to kill most environmental bacteria and germs
  421. Creolin General Purpose Cleaner - General disinfectant or use to stiffen wool
  422. Cotton Twine - Small ball of twine
  423. Navel Dipping Cup - Dip navels in iodine, etc.
  424. Bucket Feeder, Replacement O-Ring - Replacement washer for bucket valves
  425. Dairy Infovets CD - Hundreds of pages of information that every dairy owner should know
  426. Dehorner, Electric Calf, Lenk 125 - Low-cost tools for use on kids and small calves
  427. Dehorner, Electric Calf, Lenk 200 - Heavy-duty disbudding iron
  428. Gloves, Deerskin Driver Insulated w/Snap - Luxury deerskin Thinsulate gloves with snap-closure
  429. Gloves, Deerskin Driver Insulated - Luxury deerskin Thinsulate gloves
  430. DMSO Gel - Use as a solvent (off-label use: pain reliever)
  431. Hoof 'n' Heel - Hoof treatment product by Dr. Naylor
  432. Bucket Feeder, 6 Position Rubber - 11 liter feeder with six rubber nipples
  433. Nipples, Replacement for Old-Style Bucket Feeders - Replacement nipples, push-in style for old bucket feeders
  434. Bucket Feeder, 6 Position Rubber, Nipples - Replacement nipples for 6-position rubber bucket feeder
  435. Bucket Feeder, Replacement Valve - Replacement valve for 3- and 6- position bucket feeders
  436. Gloves, Luxury Deerskin - Luxury deerskin tan gloves for working or driving
  437. Tote Tray - Tough tote tray with 4 compartments
  438. Voltmeter - Accurate digital voltmeter for testing extensive fencing systems
  439. Elastrator - For bloodless tail docking and castration
  440. Gloves, Elkskin Insulated - Luxury elkskin Thinsulate gloves
  441. Equine Manager - Sophisticated program and does what you need a equine program to do, but is very easy to use
  442. Equine Infovets CD - Hundreds of pages of information that every horse owner should know
  443. Comb Guards, E-Z - Set of 3 guards
  444. Bucket Holder, EZ-Hang - For hanging of buckets
  445. Hoof Shear, Felco 50 - Heavy duty FELCO hoof shears with swivel handle
  446. Hoof Shear, Felco 51 - Heavy duty FELCO hoof shears
  447. Hoof Shear Holster, Felco - Keep hoof shears stored on a belt or pants (with clip)
  448. Fight Bac - Teat disinfectant
  449. Leather Conditioner, Leather Sheen - Spray shine product perfect for most types of leather
  450. Hoof Shear, Felco Replacement Blade - Replacement upper blade 50/3
  451. Hoof Shear, Felco Replacement Blade - Replacment lower blade 50/4
  452. Gestation Calendar Wheel, Goat - Calculate gestation schedules
  453. Green-Lyte - Buffered, soluble mineral electrolytes and acidifiers for drinking water or feed
  454. Goat Manager - Sophisticated program and does what you need a Goat program to do, but is very easy to use
  455. Sharpening Wheel/Grinder - Motor and grinding wheel for sharpening blades and cutters
  456. Goat Milk Soap - Natural, handmade goat milk soap
  457. Goat Serum Concentrate - Immunoglobulin supplement for newborn kids effective for treatment of immune deficiency
  458. Gloves, Goatskin - Driver style, soft and tough
  459. Gestation Calendar Wheel, Alpaca - Calculate gestation schedules
  460. Goat Dewormer Pellets - Morantel Tartrate goat dewormer pellets for use in feed
  461. Shear Holster, Leather - Keep hand/hoof shears stored on a belt (with belt loop slots)
  462. Howard Card #1 - Straight tooth for ""raking""
  463. Howard Card #2 - For light, open fleeces
  464. Howard Card #3 - For dense fleeces
  465. Howard Card #4 - Small card for use around head, ears, and legs
  466. Howard Card #5 - Pocket card for touch-ups around ears and legs
  467. Howard Card #6 - Cleaning card
  468. Hand Cards - Made for coarse fibers
  469. Drencher-Injector, Backpack Jug with Hose - For most drenches and solutions
  470. Heat Lamp, White Bulb - White bulb for heat lamp
  471. Feeder, Hook-Over, 3 Gallon - 12-quart bucket feeder with plastic hooks to hang on fence
  472. ParaSpray Plus - Helps eliminate external parasites
  473. Gestation Calendar Wheel, Horse - Calculate gestation schedules
  474. Bat with Hand Snapper - Leather hand at one hand and rubber gripper at the other
  475. Hoof Knife Kit - Contains 6 stainless steel blades.
  476. Christmas Cards, House with Stone Fence - ""May the joys of the season bring a warm glow to your heart and home to last the New Year through""
  477. Christmas Cards, House with White Fence - ""The most meaningful holiday decorations are the memories that brighten our hearts.""
  478. Christmas Cards, Praying Child with Dog - ""God bless us, every one! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year""
  479. Christmas Cards, Silent Night - ""Come let us adore him, now and all through the year!""
  480. Foot Bath Solution, Hoof Phast - Footbath disinfectant solution by Net-Tex
  481. Hoof Shear Holster, Leather, with Shear Strap - Keep hoof shears stored on a belt (with belt loop slots and shear strap)
  482. Iron Hydrogenated Dextran Injection - Prevent/treat anemia due to iron deficiency in baby pigs
  483. Cane, Fancy Fluted, IH - Ash cane with fluting routered into cane in a spiral
  484. Cane, Fancy Fluted, John Deere - Ash cane with fluting routered into cane in a spiral
  485. Nurser, Bottle with Albers Nipple - Plastic suckle bottle for lambs and kids
  486. Lamb Cradle - Carry and weigh new lambs safely and securely
  487. Glove, Latex - Exam gloves made of latex.
  488. Hand Shears, Leather Handle - Modified to reduce hand soreness and fatigue
  489. Electrolyte Pack, Lambs/Kids - Highly palatable source of electrolytes
  490. Leg Snare - Won't injure lamb's or kid's legs
  491. L-S 50 Powder - Mix with drinking water to control airsacculitis or chronic respiratory disease
  492. Feed Scoop, Plastic - Holds 5 pints
  493. Panther MB3000 - Energizes up to 30 miles of fence from 110V power source or 12VDC battery
  494. Nurser, Merrick's Calf Bottle with Nipple - Handheld bottle and nipple for feeding calves or other animals
  495. Feed Tub, Mini Feeder - Excellent for providing feed or water to smaller animals
  496. Mosquito Guard Spray - Natural mosquito insect shield alternative to DEET
  497. Mineral Ice Pain Reliever - Pain relieving gel and more
  498. Mineral Oil - 1 gallon.
  499. Shampoo, Mane & Tail Medicated - Antimicrobial, medicated shampoo
  500. Mug, Ceresville New Holland - Handmade ceramic mug with Ceresville New Holland logo
  501. Mug, Sheepman Supply - Handmade ceramic mug with Sheepman Supply logo
  502. Nitrofurazone Dressing - Topical antibacterial preparation
  503. Cane, Fancy Fluted, New Holland - Ash cane with fluting routered into cane in a spiral
  504. Leather Conditioner, Neatsfoot Oil - For re-oiling and reconditioning harnesses and tack
  505. Ram Harness, Nylon - Fits small to extra large rams
  506. Herding Lanyard - Assorted colors
  507. Glove, Plastic OB - Shoulder length gloves, disposable; box of 10 or 100
  508. Marker, Spray, Scourable - Spray marker paint, long-lasting but removable by washing
  509. Marker, Spray, Non-Scourable - Spray marker paint that does not easily wash out
  510. Probios - Appetite stimulant
  511. ElectroNet, Poultry/Goat - Effectively contains poultry, goats, and llamas
  512. Drencher-Injector, Phillips with Jug - Phillips Drencher with backpack-style jug
  513. Pull-Eze Lambing Instrument - Plastic lamb pulling instrument
  514. Paper Twine - Roll of paper twine used for tying fleeces
  515. Propylene Glycol - For the prevention/treatment of ketosis
  516. Pig Rings - Box of 100
  517. Nurser, Pen - Bottle nurser with braket to hang from board or lambing panel
  518. Nurser, Pen, Replacement Nipple - Replacement nipple for pen nurser
  519. Waterer, Small Animal - Two-drink waterer for pets and small animals
  520. Feeder, Round Bale with Step Bars - For sheep and goats
  521. Heat Lamp, Red Bulb - Red bulb for heat lamp
  522. Elastrator Rubber Rings - Rubber rings for the elastrator instrument
  523. Applicator, Roto Tag, UKAL, Twin Tags - Applicator to apply Roto Tags, Twin Tags or Ukal Tags
  524. Hoof Rot Shear - Basic hoof rot shears with Teflon coated, carbon-steel blades
  525. Electric Fence Post - Holds wire or politape at even intervals
  526. Scours Guard - Organic scour product
  527. Sheep Skin, Shaggie - Often use for decorative purposes
  528. Shampoo, Su-Per Cherry - A highly concentrated, non-irritating shampoo
  529. Sign, Neighborhood Watch - 9""x12"" sign
  530. Super Kid - Ideal replacement for doe's milk
  531. Surelife W/S - Proven product for lambs or kids with scours
  532. Lamb Sling - Fits snugly around the lamb's chest to stop it from sliding forward
  533. Super Lamb - Ideal replacement for ewe's milk
  534. SuperMask - Horse fly mask to keep flies away
  535. Sheep Manager - Most User Friendly Sheep Program Available
  536. Small Ruminant Infovets CD - Hundreds of pages of information that every sheep and goat owner should know
  537. Snap, 3 1/2'' - For hanging of buckets, etc.
  538. Snap, 3/16'' - For hanging of buckets, etc.
  539. Snap, 4 1/2'' Double End - For hanging of buckets, etc. or for use on gate latches
  540. Snap, 5/16'' - For hanging of buckets, etc.
  541. Leather Conditioner, Snow-Proof - Silicone water and stain repellent
  542. Bottle, Spray - Perfect for dispensing fly repellent, coat sprays, leather conditioners and more
  543. Foot Bath Solution, Zinc Suspension Concentrate - Concentrated zinc sulfate solution
  544. Politape, Orange 200 m - Five stainless steel conductors and is UV resistant
  545. Ultratape, 200 m - Eight stainless steel conductors and UV resistant
  546. A Starter Kit, Lambing & Kidding - It's never too early to get ready for lambing and kidding season
  547. Bucket Feeder, Replacement Nipple - Straight 2'' nipple for bucket feeders
  548. Gestation Calendar Wheel, Swine - Calculate gestation schedules
  549. Applicator, Temple Tag - Applicator for Temple Tags
  550. Ear Notcher - Cuts a small V-shaped notch for identification of young pigs
  551. Ankle Straps - Mark legs of cows needing attention
  552. Hog Catcher - Swine catcher/pig catcher
  553. Tail Docking Measuring Tool - Helps to comply with tail docking length regulations
  554. Teat Dilators - Inserts for teat canals
  555. Tube Feeder - A must-have at lambing time
  556. Tamy Hog Cream - Waterless hand cleaner
  557. Tanning Kit - Complete kit for tanning sheep, llama or other wool-on skins
  558. Today Mastitis Treatment - One-day mastitis treatment for lactating cows, sheep, and goats
  559. Tomorrow Mastitis Treatment - Mastitis treatment for dry cows, sheep, and goats
  560. Tags, Temple - Snag-proof and molded from permanently colored, weather-resistant polymer
  561. Viper 3000 - Energizes up to 19 miles of fence from battery or solar power
  562. Viper 5000 - Energizes up to 40 miles of fence from 12, 24, or 36VDC battery
  563. Vitamin E-300 Injectable - 300 I.U. vitamin E per mL
  564. VetRx Goat & Sheep Remedy - Control colds, coughing, sneezing, and ear mites
  565. WartsOff Wart Ointment - For use in removal of external warts from cattle, horses, goats and dogs
  566. Wool Bags, Plastic - Made of a heavy duty plastic film material
  567. White's Emasculator - 9"" White style emasculator
  568. Weigh Sling - Sturdy nylon sling with rings for attachment to hanging scale
  569. Weight Tape, Cattle and Hogs - Estimates weight of both cattle and hogs
  570. Worm Guard Plus, Broad-Spectrum - 100% all-natural organic broad-spectrum dewormer
  571. Worm Guard Plus, for Horses - Powdered dewormer for horses
  572. Worm Guard Plus - Powdered dewormer for sheep and goats
  573. Woolovers - Excellent tool for reducing newborn mortality
  574. Wool Bag Needle - Giant needle for sewing wool bags closed
  575. Drencher-Injector, Phillips Draw-Off Needle - Adapter for Phillips drencher to enable draw-off vaccines, etc. in bottles
  576. Foot Bath Solution, Zinc Sulfate, 50 lb. - Mix with water for a footbath solution
  577. Goat Lead, 2' with Bolt Snap - Nylon rope with bolt snap
  578. Goat/Sheep Lead, 4' with Bolt Snap - Nylon rope with bolt snap
  579. Neck Rope - Adjustable rope to fit any neck size
  580. Halter, Cattle Rope - Nylon adjustable rope halter
  581. Halter, Sheep, Nylon Rope - Easily adjusted to fit
  582. Halter, Wool Dyeable - Soft, adjustable halter made from wool
  583. Sheep Skin, Cheapie Sheepie - Tanned sheepskin with small imperfections
  584. Sheep Skin, Black Cheapie Sheepie - Tanned sheepskin with small imperfections
  585. Sheep Skin, Black Shaggie - Often use for decorative purposes
  586. Show Cattle Calm - A tremendous show day product to provide a calming effect that allows the exhibitor to handle cattle more professionally
  587. Scissors, Universal - Stainless steel scissors
  588. Applicator, Large Metal Sheep and Hog Tags - Applicator for metal tags #681 for adult sheep or hogs
  589. Lister Clippers, Star - Specially designed with an ergonomic grip and compact, lightweight body
  590. Appetite Express Probiotic Granules - Probiotic product to promote appetite and digestion (granular form)
  591. Aspirnfre Paste - All-natural, drug-free pain relief
  592. Appetite Express Probiotic Paste - Probiotic product to promote appetite and digestion (paste form)
  593. Sullivan's Touch Up - Useful in covering up faded, dull, or stained hair for shows
  594. Tags, Brass Lamb Ear - Metal tags for lambs
  595. Applicator, Brass Lamb Ear Tag - Applicator for brass lamb ear tags by HASCO
  596. Sullivan's Bright Lights - A fantastic highlighting shampoo for enhancing and whitening hair
  597. Sullivan's Black Velvet Hair Dye - Turns grey, red-tinted or faded hair into a beautiful jet-black color with tremendous shine, softness, and body
  598. Cool Blue - Gives a great shine and firm feel to hide
  599. Shampoo, Clear Choice - The ultimate in livestock shampoos
  600. Comb Holder - Leather holder with hook for holding grooming combs on belt
  601. Doc Brannen's Clear Magic - Used by dairy showmen for grooming toplines
  602. Exhibitor's Clip - For attaching exhibitor numbers to a belt
  603. Sullivan's EZ Comb - An adhesive for good-haired cattle that can be used on the legs or body
  604. Sullivan's Formula 1 - Unique adhesive for a natural/clear look that can be combed through with ease
  605. Cattle Comb, Sullivan Stimulator Fluffer - Stimulates hair growth and fluffs
  606. Sullivan's Final Bloom - Freshens up the hair, gives a shine without grease
  607. Sullivan's Freshen Up - Innovative product to moisturize and refresh a show lamb's hide
  608. Brush, Topline - Volumizing brush with stiff plastic bristles excellent for toplines
  609. Sullivan's Hog Heaven - Gives a great sheen to swine with no oily look
  610. Sullivan's Hocus Pocus - Used for the safe and effective removal of showday preparations
  611. Foot Trimming, Stierwalt Style - The proper techniques of trimming cattle hooves
  612. Sullivan's Kleen Sheen - Daily hair care formula with ultra shine
  613. Neck Sweat - Produce a tight, clean appearance through the neck and throat latch
  614. Sullivan's Pink Oil - Delivers body and volume to the hair along with a light hold
  615. Sullivan's Purple Oil - An old-time adhesive remover
  616. Pig Pipe - Used to direct pigs through the show ring
  617. Hog Poly Sorting Panels - Durable, lightweight, and easy to handle
  618. Sullivan's Prime Time - Strong leg adhesive
  619. Roto Fluffer, Plastic - Long bristles work deep into the hair, while short bristles pop out the long guard hairs
  620. Comb Guards, Speed-O-Guide - Set of 6 comb guards
  621. Sullivan's Revive - Promotes healthy and beautiful hair coats
  622. Halter, Cattle Leather - The leading show halter
  623. Rosin Topline Powder - Makes every hair stand up firm
  624. Roto Fluffer, Rice Root - Long bristles work deep into the hair, while short bristles pop out the long guard hairs
  625. Shampoo, Stain Buster - Cleans hair that has been stained with urine or manure
  626. Sullivan's Stain Buster - Cleans hair that has been severely stained from urine or manure
  627. Showbloom! - An all-natural nutritional supplement for livestock and show animals that combines the benefits of fresh brewers yeast with other natural ingredients and minerals
  628. Sullivan's Black Finisher - Delivers deep, natural black appearance
  629. Cattle Comb, Sullivan Stimulator - Constructed of the perfect synthetic material to stimulate the hair coat
  630. Sullivan's eZall Total Body Wash - Wash all your livestock quickly with this concentrated, all natural shampoo
  631. Sullivan's eZall Foamer - Simply fill with shampoo, attach a water hose to the foamer, and spray
  632. Sullivan's eZall It's Gone Adhesive Remover - Safely removes adhesives, paints, and other show day grooming products
  633. Cattle Comb, Sullivan Fluffer - Exciting comb great for use on thick-haired cattle
  634. Show Shake - Electrolyte replacement providing energy
  635. Sullivan's Sudden Impact - An exceptional product to promote healthy skin and hair on show pigs
  636. Show Lamb Video, Start-to-Finish - A complete overview for the show lamb exhibitor
  637. Sullivan's Swine Shine - Restores the natural shine eliminated by washing and clipping
  638. Sullivan's White Out - Liquid whitening hair polish
  639. Sullivan's Tail Adhesive - Ideal to use on hard-to-hold hair
  640. Sullivan's Unfit - Fantastic formula for removing showday adhesives and oils
  641. Sullivan's White Lightning - A show day dressing for sheen and set
  642. Wonder Wool - Ideal for setting wool before shearing or packing
  643. White Pearl - Perfect show day product for whitening wool
  644. Sullivan's Zoom Bloom - Gives hair the bloom and fluff you want; Hair pops naturally
  645. Anti Back-Up Arm - Prevents sheep from backing out of the raceway
  646. Feeder, Aluminum Fence, 4' - Corrosion resistant, clamps on wood or steel fencing
  647. Scale, 48"" Alumi-Tech Dial - Truly portable scale that's both easy to move and easy to use
  648. Scale, 48"" Alumi-Tech Digital - Truly portable scale that's both easy to move and easy to use
  649. Billy Buster 2002 Herd Management System - Ideal for worming, trimming feet, ear tagging, and giving shots
  650. Feeder, Big Bale for Polled Animals, 6' x 6' - Minimizes hay loss and safer than other feeders
  651. Feeder, Big Bale for Horned Animals, 6' x 6' - Minimizes hay loss
  652. Door, Creep Panel 4' - Creep panel turned into a hinged door
  653. Creep Panel, 3' - Adjustablity and smooth operation
  654. Creep Panel, 4' for Goats - Adjustablity and smooth operation
  655. Creep Panel, 4' for Sheep - Adjustablity and smooth operation
  656. Scale, Easy Weigh - Truly affordable portable scale
  657. Head Rest Extension - Extends trimming stand head rest from 50"" to 54"" high
  658. Feeder, Fenceline (Starter Unit) - Fenceline feeder in 8-foot sections
  659. Feeder, Fenceline (Add-On Unit) - Fenceline feeder in 8-foot sections
  660. Feeder, Combination Hay/Grain, 8' - Conserves feed and minimizes hay loss with sloped design
  661. Feeder, Hay/Grain 16'' - Single animal hay and grain feeder ideal for any pen with one animal
  662. Panel, Solid 8' with Fold-Down Side - Designed for 6-foot and shorter shepherds
  663. Feeder, Grain, Adjustable 8' - Grain feeder for both lambs and mature ewes
  664. Door, Open 3' - Easy, walk-through access to the raceway
  665. Door, Open 4' - Easy, walk-through access to the raceway
  666. Panel, 8' Double Door - Two 4-foot doors hinged in an 8-foot frame
  667. Panel, Open 8' with 3' Door - Combination 8 foot panel and built in 3 foot door
  668. Feeder, Hexagon Hay/Grain - Six-sided combination feeder with drop-in poly tub
  669. Hay Basket, 18"" - Easily hangs on a fence or rail
  670. Automatic Headgate - Headgate for use in a raceway
  671. Lambing Panel, 5' with Head Stanchion - Head stanchion makes grafting lambs much easier
  672. Goat Milking Stand, Head Stanchion Only - Head stanchion for milking stand available for purchase separately
  673. Lambing Panel, 5' - Used to form 5'x5' lambing panels
  674. Loading Ramp, 96'' - Makes it easy to load sheep or goats onto a truck
  675. Feeder, Mineral, 50 lb. - One-piece molded poly feeder with a heavy steel base
  676. Feeder, Mineral, 20 lb. - One-piece molded poly feeder with a heavy steel base
  677. Goat Milking Stand, Fold-Up - Trimming stand base with a goat head stanchion
  678. Goat Milking Stand, Fold-Up with Side Pockets - Trimming stand base with a goat head stanchion
  679. Panel, Open 8' x 41'' - Many uses from making holding pens in the barn to forming staging areas in a handling system
  680. Panel, Open 8' x 49"" - If your animals like to jump, this is the panel for you
  681. Feeder, Outside Self - Rain has a hard time getting into this feeder
  682. Linking Rod, Lambing Panel - Used for 5-ft. lambing panels
  683. Trimming Stand Side Rails - Optional side rails for trimming stands
  684. Raceway Support - For longer raceways or entrances in conjunction with Anti Back-up Arm
  685. Rollin Stop Gate - Used at various points in a raceway to stop movement of animals
  686. Trimming Stand, Fold-Up - Durable, folds up for easy handling and storage
  687. Trimming Stand, Fold-Up with Side Pockets - Durable, folds up for easy handling and storage
  688. Trimming Stand, Winch-Up - Winch moves stand up and down safely
  689. Linking Rod, 38'' - Used for all Panels
  690. Linking Rod, Lambing Panel, Tee - Longer rods used to push into the ground and keep lambing panels from moving
  691. Feeder, Self, 125 lb. - Two-sided 125-pound self feeder
  692. Feeder, Self, 50 lb. - One-sided 50-pound self feeder
  693. Door, Solid 3' - Easy, walk-through access to the raceway
  694. Door, Solid 3-1/2' - Easy, walk-through access to the raceway
  695. Panel, Solid 8' - Used to form blind raceways
  696. Panel, Solid 3-1/2' - Use with automatic headgate
  697. Show Rail, 5-Head - Train animals or prepare them for showing
  698. Turntable, Manual - Quickest and easiest method for trimming hooves
  699. Turn-o-Matic End Gate - End gate for the Turn-o-Matic electric turntable
  700. Turntable, Electric Turn-o-Matic - Electric turntable makes hoof trimming easy
  701. Truck Racks, Slide In, 3' x 6' - Designed so that animals cannot get out
  702. Truck Racks, Slide In, 4' x 6' - Designed so that animals cannot get out
  703. Truck Racks, Slide In, 4' x 8' - Designed so that animals cannot get out
  704. Two-Way Sorter with Stop Gate - One handle controls all the features of the sorter
  705. Turn-o-Matic Wheel Set - Makes the Turn-o-Matic electric turntable easy to move
  706. Scale Attachment for Winch-Up Trim Stand - Now you can weigh your animals while working on them
  707. Sheep Chair - Restrains sheep for trimming feet, tagging, or medicating
  708. Feeder, Hexagon Hay/Grain 3-Section - Six-sided feeder that can be shipped by UPS
  709. Feeder, Hexagon Hay/Grain for Goats - Six-sided feeder with extra bars for goats
  710. Chariot for Sheep/Goats - Pulls up to 4 lambs or goats
  711. Ritchie Immersion Heater - Drop-in water heater
  712. Waterer, Ritchie OmniFount 2 - The best of both worlds with a blend of stainless-steel and plastic technology
  713. Work Horse 24'' Fan - Rugged, dependable performance that promotes topline hair growth
  714. Waterer, Ritchie 2AC - Ideal for small numbers of livestock inside or out
  715. Barn Broom, 16 - Sturdy wooden barn broom
  716. De-Icer, Utility 250 Watt - Designed for multiple uses around the farm
  717. De-Icer, Utility 500 Watt - Designed for multiple uses around the farm
  718. Fan Cart - Individually-sold cart to provide close-to-the-ground ventilation
  719. Blower-Dryer, Circuiteer II - More drying power to cut your grooming time in half
  720. Blower-Dryer, Circuiteer I - Portable, lightweight blower-dryer
  721. Blower-Dryer Hose Clamp - Hose clamp for Circuiteer blower-dryers
  722. Waterer, Ritchie Thrifty King CT1 - Thrifty King insulates the water so well that you can make it through the winter without supplying heat in many areas
  723. Waterer, Ritchie Thrifty King CT2 - Thrifty King insulates the water so well that you can make it through the winter without supplying heat in many areas
  724. Hanging Mount - Metal bracket for hanging fans from beam or ceiling
  725. Blower-Dryer Filter - Replacement filter for Circuiteer blower-dryers
  726. Blower-Dryer Fogger - For fogging or misting water or conditioners
  727. Blower-Dryer Hose - Replacement hose for blower-dryers
  728. Blower-Dryer, Circuiteer Mini - Mini blower-dryer-fluffer designed especially for shows
  729. Misting Kit, 20-24"" - Cools temperature up to 25F using water supplied at 40 PSI
  730. Misting Kit, 30-36"" - Cools temperature up to 25F using water supplied at 40 PSI
  731. Waterer, Ritchie Pork King - Designed to withstand the rugged nature of a pen full of swine
  732. Blower-Dryer Switch - Replacement switch for Circuiteer blower-dryers
  733. Blower-Dryer Hose Nozzle Tip - Replacement nozzle tip for Circuiteer blower-dryers
  734. Frost Proof Yard Hydrant, Ritchie - Variable flow design, everything from a small trickle to a full stream.
  735. Waterer, Ritchie WaterMatic - The top value, best performance, easiest operation, and maintenance
  736. Waterer, Ritchie WaterMatic 150S - Domed valve cover on the 150S keeps goats and sheep from standing and climbing on the fountain
  737. Waterer, Ritchie WaterMaster WM54 - Heavy one-piece polyethylene body that holds up even under the weight of cattle hooves
  738. Bolo Tie, Silver Oval with Blue Stone - Premium-quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  739. Bolo Tie, Heart Shape with Red Rose - Premium-quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  740. Bolo Tie, Southwestern Design - Premium-quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  741. Bolo Tie, Silver Oval with Floral Design - Premium quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  742. Bolo Tie, Silver Oval with Symmetric Design - Premium quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  743. Bolo Tie, Gold Longhorn and Star - Premium quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  744. Bolo Tie, Arrowhead - Premium quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  745. Bolo Tie, Oval with Blue Stone - Premium quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  746. Bolo Tie, Silver Oval with Scroll Design - Premium quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  747. Bolo Tie, Gold Bullrider - Premium quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  748. Bolo Tie, Silver with Blue Stone - Premium quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  749. Bolo Tie, Cowboy Boot, Gold - Premium quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  750. Bolo Tie, Cowboy Boot, Turquoise - Premium quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  751. Bolo Tie, Silver Horseshoe - Premium quality bolo tie with artistic design (pictured)
  752. Halter, Sheep, Nylon Web - Includes detachable lead
  753. Leather Hole Punch - Revolving hole punch designed to add holes to leather straps
  754. Lead, Two-Animal Coupler - Lead two animals at the same time using a coupler
  755. Lead Rope - Soft, broken-in feel that is easy on the hands
  756. Lead Strap, Nylon - Webbed lead strap, 8 ft. long
  757. Halter, Llama, Nylon Web - 3/4'' nylon criss-cross halters fit securely on any llama and give added control since nose pressure is increased when llama pulls against halter
  758. Lead Loop, Goat 8'', Nylon - Single-ply nylon leads feature box-stitching at stress points
  759. Goat Collar, Leather - Leather collar with chain for goats
  760. Halter, Alpaca, Nylon Web - 5/8'' nylon criss-cross halters provide extra nose pressure when alpaca pulls against halter
  761. Halter, Lamb - Includes detachable lead
  762. Lunge Line, with Snap - 24 ft. lunge line with 225 snap
  763. Lunge Line, with Chain and Snap - 24 ft. lunge line with 24"" brass chain and 225 snap
  764. Lubricant, #10 Oil - Proven in tests to keep clipping blades cooler than most other oils
  765. Nutri-Drench, Goat - Rapid source of glucose, high vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids for goats
  766. Nutri-Drench, Sheep - Rapid source of glucose, high vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids for sheep
  767. Nutri-Drench, Beef - Rapid source of glucose, high vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids for beef cattle
  768. Nutri-Drench, Dairy - Rapid source of glucose, high vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids to dairy cows or calves
  769. Nutri-Drench, Equine - Rapid source of glucose, high vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids for horses
  770. Nutri-Drench, Swine - Rapid source of glucose, high vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids for pigs
  771. Clostridium Perfringens C&D Toxoid - Aid in prevention of enterotoxemia caused by Clostridium Perfringens types C and D
  772. Tetanus Toxoid - For immunity against tetanus
  773. Case-Bac - Prevent Caseous Lymphadenitis
  774. Ovine Campylobacter Fetus Bacterin - Control Sheep Vibrio abortions
  775. Chlamydia Bacterin - Vaccinate against Chlamydia Psittaci
  776. Clostridium Perfringens C&D Antitoxin - Temporary prevention or treatment of enterotoxemia in cattle, sheep, goats, and swine
  777. Ovine Ecthyma Vaccine - Immunize healthy sheep and goats against sore mouth
  778. Crook, Shepherd's - Fits on end of any hoe or rake handle
  779. Tetanus Antitoxin - Quick, short-term prevention of tetanus
  780. Show Box, Aluminum Upright - Double doors allow storage of separate storage of halters and other supplies
  781. Grooming Chute, Aluminum - A full-sized chute made from lightweight aluminum
  782. Cattle Scale, Aluminum - Aluminum scale with digital readout
  783. Stall Divider, Aluminum - Pulls apart for easy moving and hauling
  784. Show Box, Aluminum Chest - Premium show box made from lightweight aluminum
  785. #20, Crankshaft - Crankshaft
  786. #15, Crankshaft - Crankshaft
  787. #16, Grease Plug - Grease plug
  788. #21, Grease Plug - Grease plug
  789. #22, Housing for Lower Assembly - Housing for lower assembly
  790. #18, Tension Plate Assembly - Tension plate assembly
  791. # 4, Main Housing - Main housing (new style)
  792. # 6, Armature and Bearing Assembly - Armature and Bearing assembly
  793. #20, Cord and Plug Assembly - Cord and plug assembly
  794. #20, Cord and Plug Assembly - Cord and plug assembly
  795. Oster A5 Replacement Cord, 144 - Polarized
  796. Grit Circles - Accessory for grinding wheel
  797. Horse Grooming - Complete step-by-step instructions
  798. Andis Blade, 15 Top - Fits Andis HC, LG-C, and RC
  799. Comb and Cutter Holder - Designed to hold shearing combs and cutters during sharpening
  800. Andis Blade, 21-23 Set - Fits Andis HC, LG-C, and RC
  801. Grit, Loose - Loose grit needed for sharpening large animal clipper blades
  802. Andis Clippers, AG2 - Super 2-speed professional animal clipper
  803. Andis Clippers, AGC - Super 2 Speed, Includes extra wide T-84 blade
  804. Andis Clippers, RCT Ruby - Ruby cord/cordless clipper is small in stature but strong and powerful
  805. Andis Clippers, AGCL Light Speed - Industry's first illuminating clipper!
  806. Andis Clippers, PM-1 - Deluxe pet clippers
  807. Wahl Blade, X-Block - Topline cattle blocking blade with extra sharp points for superior feeding
  808. Wahl Blade, X-Blend - Topline cattle blending blade with extra sharp points for superior feeding
  809. Andis Blade, 31-15 Set - Fits Andis HC, LG-C, and RC
  810. Andis Trimmers, D-4 - Power Trim cordless trimmer for small and large animals
  811. Andis Blade, D-4 - Replacement blade for D-4 cordless trimmer
  812. #23, Screw-MS - Screw-MS
  813. #19, Screw-MS - Screw-MS
  814. #15, Screw - Screw
  815. #15, Screw - Screw
  816. #24, Screw-MS - Screw-MS
  817. # 1, Screw-MS - Screw-MS
  818. #20, Screw-MS - Screw-MS
  819. #25, Screw-MS - Screw-MS
  820. #12, Screw - Screw
  821. # 2, Screw-SP - Screw-SP
  822. #14, Housing Cover - Housing cover (new style)
  823. # 4, Main Housing - Main housing (new style)
  824. # 7, Carbon Brush - Carbon brush
  825. # 7, Carbon Brush - Carbon brush
  826. # 3, Nut - Nut
  827. #11, Right Yoke, 2-1/2"" - Right yoke for 2-1/2"" heads only
  828. Left Yoke, 2-1/2"" - Left yoke for 2-1/2"" heads only
  829. # 8, Brush Tube - Brush tube
  830. # 8, Brush Tube - Brush tube
  831. # 1, Gear Assembly - Gear assembly
  832. # 4, Gear Assembly - Gear assembly
  833. # 4, Main Housing - Main housing
  834. #14, Housing Cover - Housing cover
  835. # 5, O-Ring - O-Ring
  836. # 5, O-Ring - O-Ring
  837. #10, Brush Spring - Brush spring
  838. #10, Brush Spring - Brush spring
  839. # 2, Retaining Clip - Retaining Clip
  840. # 2, Retaining Clip - Retaining clip
  841. # 2, Ven-Gear-Crankshaft - Ven-gear-crankshaft
  842. # 5, Ven-Gear-Crankshaft - Ven-gear-crankshaft
  843. # 3, Cover Assembly - Cover assembly
  844. # 6, Cover Assembly - Cover assembly
  845. # 4, Screw-MS - Screw-MS
  846. # 7, Screw-MS - Screw-MS
  847. # 8, Pin-Tension - Pin-Tension
  848. # 9, Housing for Upper Assembly - Housing for upper assembly
  849. # 5, Front Case Assembly - Front case assembly
  850. #10, Fork Assembly - Fork assembly
  851. #11, Right Yoke, 3"" - Right yoke for 3"" heads only
  852. #12, Left Yoke, 3"" - Left yoke for 3"" heads only
  853. # 6, Insulator Gear - Insulator gear
  854. #13, Insulator Gear - Insulator gear
  855. #14, Retaining Spring, 3"" - Retaining spring for 3"" heads only
  856. # 1, Screen - Screen
  857. # 1, Screen - Screen
  858. #22, Sealing Washer - Sealing washer
  859. #22, Sealing Washer - Sealing washer
  860. #21, Connector - Connector
  861. #15, Crank Roller - Crank roller
  862. #16, Tension Nut - Tension nut
  863. #17, Tension Spring - Tension spring
  864. #19, Switch - Switch
  865. #18, Tension Nut Cup - Tension nut cup
  866. #19, Retaining Spring - Retaining spring
  867. # 8, Crank Slide Block - Crank slide block
  868. # 9, Space Washer - Space washer
  869. #10, Drive Yoke Assembly - Drive yoke assembly
  870. #11, Screw - Screw
  871. #14, Screw - Screw
  872. #17, Switch Cover - Switch cover
  873. #18, Retaining Clip - Retaining clip
  874. #19, Speed Control - Variable speed switch
  875. # 8, Brush Tube - Brush tube (new style)
  876. # 8, Brush Tube - Brush tube (new style)
  877. # 9, Field Assembly - New style, includes item #8
  878. # 9, Field Assembly - Field assembly, includes item 8, new style
  879. # 5a, Foam Pad for Housing - Foam pad for housing, new style (not pictured)
  880. #13, Foam Pad - Foam pad
  881. #13, Foam Pad - Foam pad
  882. #19, Switch - Switch (new style)
  883. Oster Blade, 59 Narrow - For Oster T-Finisher, Finisher, and Finish Line
  884. Oster 3"" Comb, 24-Tooth Texas Cattle - Only comb available that shears cattle to Texas regulation of not more than 1/4"" on any location of the body, excluding tail switch
  885. Andis UltraEdge Blade, Size 10 - Leaves hair 3/8 in.
  886. Andis UltraEdge Blade, Size 15 - Leaves hair 3/64 in.
  887. Andis UltraEdge Blade, Size 30 - Leaves hair 1/50 in.
  888. Andis UltraEdge Blade, Size 40 - Leaves hair 1/100 in.
  889. Andis UltraEdge Blade, Size 5 Skiptooth - Size 5, Skip tooth, Leaves hair 1/4""
  890. Andis UltraEdge Blade, Size 5FC - Size 5, Finish cut, Leaves hair 1/4 in.
  891. Andis UltraEdge Blade, Size 4FC - Size 4, Finish Cut, Leaves hair 3/8 in.
  892. Andis UltraEdge Blade, Medium Blending - Fits Andis AG series and Oster A5 clippers
  893. Andis UltraEdge Blade, Size 5/8''HT - Leaves hair 5/8''
  894. Andis Clippers, LG-C - Heavy duty cattle and horse clippers
  895. Andis Clippers, HC - Cattle and horse clippers
  896. Andis Clippers, LG-3 Delta 3-Speed - 180 watts of power with new ergonomic design
  897. Andis Clippers, Progress - Lightweight, compact clipper for cows and horses
  898. Andis Blade, 31-23 Set - Fits Andis LG-C, HC, RC, LG3, HP, and Oster Clipmaster
  899. Andis Blade, 31F-23 Set - Fits Andis HC, LG-C, and RC
  900. Andis Blade, 23 Top - Fits Andis LG-C, HC, RC and Oster Clipmaster
  901. Andis Blade, 21 Bottom - Fits Andis LG-C, HC, RC and Oster Clipmaster
  902. Andis Blade, 31 Bottom - Fits Andis HC, LG-C, RC
  903. Andis Blade, 53A-23 Set (Surgical) - Excellent for surgical clipping
  904. Andis Comb, 20-Tooth Goat - Fits Andis LG-S sheep shearer and Oster Shearmaster with 3 in. head
  905. Andis Comb, 20-Tooth Blocking - Fits Andis LG-S Heavy Duty Sheap Shearer, Oster Shearmaster, and Oster Showmaster (with 3 in. head)
  906. Heiniger Shearers, Xtra - Solid and robust, high-power shearing machine
  907. Andis Shearers, LG-S - Heavy duty sheep shearing machine
  908. Heiniger Comb, Camelid - Designed for shearing Llamas, Alpacas, Vicunas and Camels
  909. Oster Turbo 111 Blade - Size 1A blade for Oster Turbo 111 clippers
  910. Oster Finisher Blade - T-blade accessory set for T-Finisher and Finisher trimmers
  911. Oster ProCord/Cordless Blade, T-Blade - T-blade set for ProCord/Cordless trimmer
  912. Oster ProCord/Cordless Blade, Narrow - Narrow blade set for ProCord/Cordless trimmer
  913. Grooming Case - Compartments for small blades/accessories and lower bin with tray
  914. Oster Clippers, A5 Golden Two-Speed - Two speeds for general/precise clipping and faster body clipping
  915. Scale, Hanging, 100 lb. - Weigh animals up to 100 lbs.
  916. Oster Clippers, Clipmaster Single Speed - Delivers 3,000 strokes per minutes and stands up to any challenge
  917. Oster Clippers, Clipmaster Variable Speed - Infinite setting from 700 to 3,000 cutting strokes per minute
  918. Variable Speed Motor - For use with Oster Clipmaster/Showmaster heads
  919. Variable Speed Motor - For use with Oster Showmaster/Clipmaster machines
  920. Single Speed Motor - For use with Oster Clipmaster/Shearmaster heads
  921. Clipmaster Head - Packed with standard upper and lower blade
  922. Oster Shearers, Shearmaster - Single-speed shearing machine with 3"" head runs cooler than ever
  923. Oster Shearers, Showmaster - Variable speeds allow for versatility during show trimming and fitting horses, cattle, sheep, and goats
  924. Shearmaster/Showmaster Head 3"" - Upgrade your 2 1/2'' head machine or convert a Clipmaster to a shearing machine
  925. Shearer's Screwdriver, Metal - For conveniently changing combs/cutters on Oster Shearmaster/Showmaster
  926. Scale, Hanging, 200 lb. - Weigh animals up to 200 lbs.
  927. Spray Disinfectant - Kills germs on blades and cutters
  928. Lubricant, Kool Lube 3 - Reduces friction, heat, and blade wear
  929. Blade Wash - Easily flushes away hair that accumulates on cutting blades
  930. Brush, Stiff Grooming, Oster - Densely packed coarse bristles remove dirt with less effort
  931. Brush, Soft Finishing, Oster - Densely packed soft natural bristles produce a beautiful sheen
  932. Curry Comb, Oster Coarse - Coarse fingers massage the coat and loosen dirt for an overall cleaning
  933. Curry Comb, Oster Coarse Pink - Coarse fingers massage the coat and loosen dirt for an overall cleaning
  934. Curry Comb, Oster Fine - Fine fingers gently clean and massage sensitive areas
  935. Brush, Mane & Tail, Oster - Easier brushing with fewer tangles
  936. Comb, Mane & Tail, Oster - Easier combing with fewer tangles
  937. Sweat Scraper, Oster - Soft contact edge effectively sweeps away water and dirt
  938. Hoof Pick, Oster - Stainless steel pick manufactured by clipper manufacturer Oster
  939. Oster Clipmaster Blade, Top - Top Clipping blade for every clipping job
  940. Oster Clipmaster Blade, Bottom, Standard - Standard bottom blade
  941. Oster Clipmaster Blade, Bottom, Surgical - Cuts very close to skin
  942. Oster Clipmaster Blade, Bottom, Thick Plucking - Used for thick plucking and stable cutting on horses and dogs
  943. Oster Clipmaster Blade, Top/Bottom Combo Pack - Both the Top Blade and the Standard Bottom Blade packaged together for your purchasing convenience
  944. Oster 2-1/2"" Cutter, 3-Point Standard - Standard cutter
  945. Oster 2-1/2"" Comb, 10-Tooth Standard - Standard comb
  946. Oster 2-1/2"" Comb, 17-Tooth Show Comb - Regular goat shearing
  947. Oster 3"" Comb, 13-Tooth Arizona Thin - For close, smooth shearing
  948. Oster 3"" Comb, 20-Tooth Goat - For regular goat shearing
  949. Oster 3"" Comb, 20-Tooth Blocking - For trimming, blocking, and carving
  950. Oster 3"" Comb, 13-Tooth Grazer - For farm flock shearing
  951. Oster 3'' Comb, 9-Tooth Harvest All - Wider blends and deeper bevels all for smoother shearing at greater speeds
  952. Oster 3"" Comb, 7-Tooth High Country - For cooler weather at higher elevations
  953. Oster 3"" Comb, 13-Tooth Eagle - Flared comb with medium-long bevels
  954. Oster 3"" Comb, 24-Tooth Show Groomer I - Designed with bevel for very close, smooth shearing and show trimming
  955. Oster 3"" Comb, 24-Tooth Blocking - Without bevels for show trimming of horses and cattle
  956. Oster 3"" Cutter, 4-Point Diamond - Standard cutter for the ShowMaster Shearing Machine
  957. Oster 3"" Cutter, 4-Point Thin Heel - Design puts more pressure on points for better performance
  958. Oster 3"" Cutter, 4-Point Wide AAA - Wide tooth angle for easy wool entry
  959. Oster Horse Grooming Video - VHS-NTSC, 25 minutes.
  960. Oster Clipper Maintenance and Blade Care - VHS-NTSC, 11-1/2 minutes.
  961. Oster Trimmers, Finisher - Narrow blade is perfect for trimming around ears, eyes, legs, nostrils, and under jaw line
  962. Oster Trimmers, Pro-Cord/Cordless - Sleek, lightweight design gives you freedom & flexibility
  963. Oster Lucky Dog Blade, Medium - Cuts medium length, general and underbody use; all around poodle-blade
  964. Oster Lucky Dog Blade, Skiptooth - Cuts medium plucking length, general plucking, and body clipping
  965. Oster Sculptor Blade - Leaves 1/16"" hair, size 10 for Sculptor clippers
  966. Oster GroomMaster Blade, 18-Tooth Medium - Designed for close, smooth clipping, precise trimming, and show grooming
  967. Oster GroomMaster Blade, 18-Tooth Fine - Designed without bevels for very close show trimming
  968. Oster GroomMaster Blade, 18-Tooth Coarse - Designed with a greater back bevel for medium-long stubble
  969. Oster GroomMaster Blade, 18-Tooth Blocking - Designed for blocking, trimming, and carving
  970. Oster A5 Blade, Medium - Smooth clipping, precise trimming and show grooming
  971. Oster A5 Blade, Fine - Designed without bevel for close show trimming
  972. Oster A5 Blade, Coarse - Cuts a medium-long stubble
  973. Oster A5 Blade, Blocking - Designed for blocking, trimming, & carving
  974. Oster A5 Blade, Opti-Block - Used extensively for blocking, trimming and carving
  975. Lubricant, Electric Clipper Grease - Specially formulated lubricant for electric clippers
  976. Lubricant, Premium Lubricating Oil - Excellent non-detergent oil available for clipper and blade use
  977. Oster A5 Blade, Size 50 - Leaves hair 1/125""
  978. Oster A5 Blade, Size 40 - Leaves hair 1/100""
  979. Oster A5 Blade, Size 30 - Leaves hair 1/50""
  980. Oster A5 Blade, Size 15 - Leaves hair 3/64""
  981. Oster A5 Blade, Size 10 - Leaves 1/16"" hair
  982. Oster A5 Blade, Size 7 Skiptooth - Cuts 1/8''
  983. Oster A5 Blade, Size 5 - Leaves 1/4"" hair. Skiptooth
  984. Oster A5 Blade, Size 8-1/2 - Leaves 7/64"" hair
  985. Oster A5 Blade, Size 5F - Cuts 1/4""
  986. Oster A5 Blade, Size 4F - Leaves 3/8'' hair
  987. Oster A5 Blade, Size 3 - Leaves 1/2"" hair
  988. Oster A5 Blade, Size 10 Wide - Leaves hair 5/64""
  989. Oster A5 Blade, Size 40 Elite - Cuts 1/100""
  990. Oster A5 Blade, Size 10 Elite - Leaves hair 1/16"". Elite Cryotech
  991. Oster A5 Blade, Size 15 Elite - Leaves hair 3/64"", Elite Cryotech
  992. Oster A5 Blade, Size 4F Elite Cryotech - Leaves 3/8"" hair
  993. Oster A5 Blade, Size 5/8 - Leaves 1/32"" hair
  994. Oster A5 Blade, Size 50 Elite - Leaves hair 1/125"", Elite Cryotech
  995. Oster Trimmers, Pro-Cord/Cordless, Battery - Replacement battery for Oster Pro-Cord/Cordless trimmers
  996. Scale, Hanging, 50 lb. - Weigh animals up to 50 lbs.
  997. Blower-Dryer, Andis 1875 - Professional handheld blower-dryer
  998. Andis QuietAire Stand Dryer - Can be used with or without the stand and can be positioned for any size animal
  999. Heiniger Comb, Awesome - For dense-wooled sheep where easy entry is at a premium
  1000. Blade Rack Organizer - Conveniently stores up to 10 clipper blades of various sizes
  1001. Andis Cutter, 4-Point Cobra - Fits Andis LG-S sheep shearer, and Oster Shearmaster/Showmaster with 3 in. head
  1002. Oster Clippers, A5 Golden Single Speed - Delivers the same high-quality performance as the two-speed version
  1003. Glue - For attaching loose grit to grinding discs
  1004. Heiniger Cutter, Diamond - Lower profile cutter for easier entry and shearing
  1005. Heiniger Comb, Mach 9 - Full thickness, designed for extra tough shearing conditions
  1006. Heiniger Comb, Pro Legend - 92 mm wide with 5 mm bevel
  1007. Heiniger Comb, Shattle - Clipping comb to be used on conventional shearing machines
  1008. Heiniger Comb, Warrior - 96 mm wide with 3.5 mm bevel
  1009. Heiniger Cutter, Jet - Full thickness, 4-point cutter
  1010. Heiniger Comb, Mohair - Designed for shearing Mohair and Angora goats
  1011. Andis Comb, Mohair - Designed for shearing Mohair and Angora goats
  1012. Andis Comb, 13-Tooth Ovina - Fits Andis LG-S sheep shearer
  1013. Heiniger Cutter, Storm - Specifically designed for 9-tooth combs
  1014. Andis Blade, T-84 - Fits Andis AG, AGC, AGR, MBG, and Oster A5
  1015. Oster Clippers, A5 Turbo Two-Speed - Powerful clipper with more than twice the power of the leading competitor
  1016. Oster Clippers, A5 Turbo Single Speed - Delivers the same high-quality performance as the two-speed version
  1017. Comb, Universal - Universal comb guards to fit Oster and other clippers
  1018. Heiniger Cutter, Wyoming WY-3 - For the tough wool conditions of the Rocky Mountain region
  1019. #12 & #13, Blades -
  1020. Life on the Farm, Preschool Edition - Be the first to gather 7 farm animals into your barn and win!
  1021. Puppet, Pig - Full-body pig hand puppet
  1022. Puppet, Horse - Full-body horse hand puppet
  1023. Puppet, Cow - Full-body cow hand puppet
  1024. Puzzle, Farm Sound - Sounds play when pieces are placed into board
  1025. Puzzle, Animals in the Barn Jigsaw - Features bright graphic design of animals
  1026. Puzzle, Peg Farm Mix 'n' Match - Each puzzle piece hides a full-color illustration underneath
  1027. Puzzle, Farm Hide & Seek Peg - Beautiful, realistic illustrations represent a farm theme
  1028. Puzzle, Layered Barn Buddies - Ten-piece puzzle forms images that truly stand out
  1029. Puzzle, Wooden Jigsaw in a Box - Four twelve-piece jigsaw puzzles featuring a cow, chicken, horse and pig
  1030. Puzzle, Shaped Farm Animals - Four playful puzzles in individual shape-cut wood trays
  1031. Magnetic Animals in a Box - Generously-sized, highly-detailed wooden magnetic animals
  1032. Magnetic Farm Hide & Seek Doors - Kids love opening each of the brass-hinged doors and discovering the magnetic surprise beneath
  1033. Farm Blocks - Wooden farm set complete with barn and other farm items
  1034. Horse Friends - Large Quarter horse, large Arabian horse and Quarter horse foal
  1035. Pasture Pals - Small horses to play with and collect
  1036. Farm Cube Puzzle - Six puzzles in one
  1037. Fold & Go Barn - Be ready to travel anywhere with a barn and animals
  1038. Folding Horse Stable - Spacious, accurate model stable
  1039. Puzzle, Farm Peg - Beautiful, realistic illustrations represent a farm theme
  1040. Cane, Round, 36 Inch - Round cane available in multiple styles
  1041. Crook, Shepherd's, 60 Inch - Shepherd's crook, available in multiple styles
  1042. Safe Horse, Safe Rider - A young rider's guide to responsible horsekeeping
  1043. Fences for Pasture and Garden - A well made fence brings peace of mind
  1044. Horse Breeds Poster Book, The - Full-color, pull-out, poster size shots of horses
  1045. All About Goats - An ideal introduction to keeping goats
  1046. Angora Goats the Northern Way - Answers a host of questions about how to raise angora and cashmere goats in northern climates
  1047. Llamas and Alpacas: A Guide to Management - Comprehensive, clearly written, non-technical guide aimed to all those who own, breed, or show llamas and alpacas
  1048. Artificial Insemination in Sheep and Goats - Published by Food & Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
  1049. Manual of Lambing Techniques, A - Lambing can be a challenging prospect, whether it's your first or thirty-first lambing season
  1050. Basics of Good Sheep Management, The - Covers the 12 months of a shepherd's year
  1051. Basics of Good Sheep Management, The, DVD - Covers the 12 months of a shepherd's year
  1052. Storey's Barn Guide to Sheep - Handy hang-it-on-the-wall reference for novice and experienced sheep farmers
  1053. Barnyard in Your Backyard - Beginner's guide to raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, sheep, and cattle
  1054. Come Bye! and Away! - The early stages of sheepdog training
  1055. Changing Ways of Farming - Covers the earliest of steam and gasoline power and the work that was accomplished with this equipment
  1056. Farm Animals in the Making of America - More than 200 rare engravings from the Golden Age of American livestock breeding
  1057. Farmer's Dog, The - Geared to the farmer with limited time and facilities for training a farm dog
  1058. Farm Livestock - Deals with the main types of farm livestock and the systems of production/use which are commonly found
  1059. Goat Breeding & Kid Rearing - Covers mating, pregnancy or kidding
  1060. Goat Breeding & Kid Rearing, DVD - Covers mating, pregnancy and kidding
  1061. Goat Farming - A complete guide to commercial goat farming covering all aspects of the business based on scientific principles and practical working experience
  1062. Goat Health and Welfare - Comprehensive, non-technical book that is essential reading for all those who keep goats
  1063. Get it Right! - Practical, step-by-step guide to competitive obedience training
  1064. Goats of the World - A valuable reference of more 500 breeds and types of goats
  1065. Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats - Covers breeds, care, and dairying
  1066. Storey's Guide to Raising Llamas - Covers care, showing, breeding, packing, and profiting
  1067. Goatkeeper's Veterinary Book, The - Up-to-date information on symptoms and control of major goat diseases
  1068. Hobby Farms Beef Cattle - Raise livestock for food or to graze your pastures as nature's lawnmowers
  1069. Hobby Farms Chickens - Puts essential tips of chicken keeping at the fingertips of the hobby farmer
  1070. Hobby Farms Ducks - Flocks of frolicking waterfowl can be a lively addition to any hobby farm
  1071. Hobby Farms Goats - In-depth guide to small-scale goat keeping for pleasure and profit
  1072. Hobby Farm: Living Your Rural Dream for Pleasure - Essential guide for anyone yearning to move to a hobby farm
  1073. Hobby Farms Pigs - Pigs are intelligent, hardy animals that are easy to care for--perfect for any small-scale farm
  1074. Hobby Farms Sheep - Offers neophyte and seasoned sheep keepers a wealth of information for healthy, thriving flocks
  1075. Horse Sense - A complete guide to horse selection and care
  1076. Hillshepherd Trains his Border Collies, A - Derek Scrimgeour and his Killibrae Dogs
  1077. It's Hard to Look Cool When Your Car's Full... - An entertaining collection from the author's syndicated column, ""The Back Forty""
  1078. Katherine's Farm - Katherine lives on her family's 320 acre farm in western Canada
  1079. Looking After a Donkey - Covers the most charming and cuddly pet you could have
  1080. Lamb Country Cooking - Directs the cook through buying lamb and preparing this savory meat
  1081. Lamb Problems - Everything you need to know to successfully detect, diagnose, and treat lambs
  1082. Lamb Survival, DVD - Prevent the unnecessarily loss of lambs in the first few days of life
  1083. Little Star... Raising Our First Calf - First in a new children's agricultural book series. Rianna and Sheridan Chaney hope their experiences on the farm will help children understand the importance of farm animals and inspire them to appreciate all of God's creatures
  1084. Lamb Survival - Prevent the unnecessarily loss of lambs in the first few days of life
  1085. Mastitis Control in Dairy Herds - Gives farmers and vets a thorough understanding and equips them to instigate the necessary control measures against mastitis
  1086. My Dog was a Redneck but We Got Him Fixed - A delightful collection of humorous tales from the author of It's Hard to Look Cool When Your Car's Full of Sheep
  1087. Sheepdogs: My Faithful Friends - An informative and enjoyable ramble through the author's life in the world of sheepdogs and their handlers
  1088. Managing Your Ewe - Covers preparation for breeding and lambing and care of the ewe and lambs after lambing
  1089. Making Your Small Farm Profitable - Guiding principles to develop new crops and maximize net profits per acre
  1090. One Dog and his Man - Witty humor told from a very special dog's point of view
  1091. Raising a Calf for Beef - A freezer full of fine beef and half meat-market costs is just one reward of raising your own beef calf
  1092. Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks - Covers breeds, care, and health
  1093. Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way - Up-to-date information and new methods in caring for goats
  1094. Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep - Breeding, care, and facilities
  1095. Sheep Ailments - All the essential information that a flock owner, shepherd or student needs to know
  1096. Sheep Ectoparasite Control - Planning and strategy to keep your flock parasite-free
  1097. Storey's Guide to Raising Beef Cattle - Covers health, handling, and breeding
  1098. Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens - Care, feeding, and facilities
  1099. Storey's Guide to Raising Meat Goats - Covers managing, breeding and marketing
  1100. Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs - Care, facilities, management, and breed selection
  1101. Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry - Covers breeds, care, and health
  1102. Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits - Covers breeds, care and facilities
  1103. Storey's Guide to Training Horses - From groundwork to driving and riding
  1104. Shetland Breeds - The endangered, ancient and adaptable farm livestock of the Shetland Islands
  1105. Showing Sheep - Selecting, raising, fitting and showing guide
  1106. Small-Scale Livestock Farming - Have a prosperous farm and achieve the lifestyle of your dreams
  1107. Successful Small-Scale Farming - The classic guide to organic small-scale agriculture
  1108. Shearing Techniques with Fiona Nettleton - Fiona explains, in detail, the actual techniques of shearing
  1109. Shearing Techniques with Fiona Nettleton, DVD - Fiona explains, in detail, the actual techniques of shearing
  1110. Starting Your Border Collie, DVD - Training on Cattle, Sheep, or Ducks
  1111. Starting Your Border Collie, VHS - Training on Cattle, Sheep, or Ducks
  1112. That'll Do! - Widening the sheepdog's experience
  1113. Modern Shepherd, The - Covers major advances in the sheep industry since the 1970s
  1114. Take Time! - Training your dog from farm work to trailling
  1115. Take Time!, DVD - Training your dog from farm work to trailling
  1116. Things that go ""Baa!"" in the Night - Delightful collection of humorous tales from ""The Back Forty""
  1117. Take the Kids Fishing; They're Better than Worms - A bundle of tales of a country kid from the hinterlands of America
  1118. Tan Your Hide - Home tanning of leathers and furs
  1119. Veterinary Book for Sheep Farmers, The - Aimed to increase the productivity and profitability of the sheep enterprise
  1120. Whistle Commands by Charlie Ridener, Cassette - Commands for training your stock dog
  1121. Whistle Commands by Charlie Ridener, CD - Commands for training your stock dog
  1122. Working Horses of the '90s - Explores the many ways that today's horses have continued to earn their living in rural life
  1123. A Way of Life - Sheepdog training, handling and trialling
  1124. World Percheron Congress, 2004 - Highlights the five days of the show where the best of the Percheron breed came to compete
  1125. Your Calf - A kid's guide to do a good job raising a calf
  1126. Your Goats - A kid's guide to raising and showing goats
  1127. Your Pony, Your Horse - A kid's guide to care and enjoyment of horses
  1128. Your Sheep - A kid's guide to raising and showing
  1129. Welcome Sign, Cow/Calf - Wide, black metallic sign with cow/calf silhouette
  1130. Welcome Sign, Steer Bull - Wide, black metallic sign with steer silhouette
  1131. Welcome Sign, Goat - Round, black metallic sign with goat silhouette
  1132. Welcome Sign, Sheep - Round, black metallic sign with sheep silhouette
  1133. Keychain Rack, Cow/Calf - Black metallic key rack holds up to 4 keychains
  1134. Keychain Rack, Steer Bull - Black metallic key rack holds up to 4 keychains
  1135. Keychain Rack, Lamb - Black metallic key rack holds up to 4 keychains
  1136. Keychain Rack, Goat - Black metallic key rack holds up to 4 keychains
  1137. Keychain Rack, Sheep - Black metallic key rack holds up to 4 keychains
  1138. Keychain Rack, Pig - Black metallic key rack holds up to 4 keychains
  1139. Napkin Holder, Steer Bull - Black metallic napkin holder with two steer cutouts
  1140. Napkin Holder, Lamb - Black metallic napkin holder with two lamb cutouts
  1141. Napkin Holder, Goat - Black metallic napkin holder with two goat cutouts
  1142. Napkin Holder, Pig - Black metallic napkin holder with two pig cutouts
  1143. Candle Holder, Heifer - Black metallic candle/napkin holder with heifer silhouette
  1144. Candle Holder, Lamb - Black metallic candle/napkin holder with heifer silhouette
  1145. Candle Holder, Boer Goat - Black metallic candle/napkin holder with Boer goat silhouette
  1146. Paper Towel Holder, Horse - Black metallic towel holder with horse silhouette and round base
  1147. Paper Towel Holder, Cow/Calf - Black metallic towel holder with cow and calf silhouettes and round base
  1148. Paper Towel Holder, Heifer - Black metallic towel holder with heifer silhouette and round base
  1149. Paper Towel Holder, Boer Goat - Black metallic towel holder with Boer goat silhouette and round base
  1150. Paper Towel Holder, Sheep - Black metallic towel holder with sheep silhouette and round base
  1151. Business Card Holder, Cow/Calf - Black metallic business card holder with cow and calf silhouettes
  1152. Business Card Holder, Steer Bull - Black metallic business card holder with steer silhouette
  1153. Buisness Card Holder, Tractor - Black metallic business card holder with tractor silhouette
  1154. Business Card Holder, Lamb - Black metallic business card holder with lamb silhouette
  1155. Business Card Holder, Goat - Black metallic business card holder with goat silhouette
  1156. Business Card Holder, Sheep - Black metallic business card holder with sheep silhouette
  1157. Business Card Holder, Pig - Black metallic business card holder with pig silhouette
  1158. Mailbox Topper, Cow/Calf - Black metallic mailbox topper with cow and calf silhouettes
  1159. Mailbox Topper, Sheep - Black metallic mailbox topper with sheep silhouette
  1160. Rug, Steer - Decorative rug
  1161. Rug, Cow/Calf - Decorative rug
  1162. Rug, Lamb - Decorative rug
  1163. Rug, Boer Goat - Decorative rug
  1164. Rug, Sheep - Decorative rug
  1165. Rug, Pig - Decorative rug
  1166. Lead Rope, Double Ended - 1 ft. with snaps on both ends
  1167. Goat Collar, Plastic Chain, Extra Links - Extra links to add length or replace links in plastic chain collar
  1168. Bell, Cast Brass - Bell with soft ring
  1169. Bell, Swiss Sheep - Cast in brass with decorative designs
  1170. Nurser, Bottle, Lamb/Kid Nipple - Lamb or kid nipple to be used with Bottle Nurser
  1171. Show Sheen - Coats the hair shaft to keep hair tangle-free
  1172. 700 Kids on Grandpa's Farm - A photo essay for very young children about life on a dairy farm
  1173. Goat Blanket, Warm - Protect your adult goat in the coldest weather
  1174. Practical Goatpacking - Techniques and tips for raising, training and enjoying your packgoat
  1175. Goatkeeping 101 - Sensible information from people who know and raise goats
  1176. Raising Meat Goats for Profit - Various information on getting started with meat production
  1177. Pygmy Goats: Management and Veterinary Care - Sections on the Pygmy breed, general care, reproduction, neonatal care
  1178. Goats Produce Too! - A whole book devoted entirely to utilizing goat milk and other dairy goat products
  1179. Calf/Goat/Sheep Blanket - For protecting calves, goats and sheep in cold weather
  1180. Tags, Neck - Unbreakable solid neck tags
  1181. Halter, Goat - Nylon web halter for goats
  1182. Goat Health Handbook - Designed to help you identify goat diseases in the early stages to prevent losses to your herd
  1183. Weight Tape, Goat - Estimates weight of goats
  1184. Goat Blanket, Kid Glove - Protect newborn kids even in the coldest weather
  1185. Goat Collar, Nylon Kid - Durable nylon collars, designed to fit goats
  1186. Bucket Feeder, 10 Position LamBar - Durable 3-1/2 gallon feeder with ten nipples
  1187. Bucket Feeder, 10 Position LamBar, Nipple - Extra nipple for LamBar feeder
  1188. Bucket Feeder, 10 Position LamBar, Tube - Extra tube for LamBar feeder
  1189. Life in the Goat Lane - A humorous look at goat owning and goat owners
  1190. Bucket Holder - Holds small buckets of water or feed over fence
  1191. MORE Life in the Goat Lane - The author of Life in the Goat Lane is back with more misadventures
  1192. Goat Collar, Nylon Buck - Durable nylon collars, designed to fit goats
  1193. Goat Collar, Nylon Doe - Durable nylon collars, designed to fit goats
  1194. Goat Collar, Plastic Chain - Colors let you ""mark"" goats for individual care
  1195. Pig Ringer - Applies various size rings
  1196. MediBoot - Cover sheep or goat's feet while healing
  1197. Tag, Goat Blank - White write-on tag for goats
  1198. Exhibitor's Harness - Displays exhibitor's number on front and back of person
  1199. Cattle Comb, Standard 9"" Aluminum - 58 needle for quick combing and superb hair separation
  1200. Cattle Comb, Standard 9'' Wood - 58 needle for quick combing and superb hair separation
  1201. Cattle Comb, Franklin 9"" Wood - Long tapered needles with sharp points for quick combing and superb hair separation
  1202. Cattle Comb, Franklin 9"" Aluminum - Long tapered needles with sharp points for quick combing and superb hair separation
  1203. Cattle Comb, Blades, Franklin 9"" - Long tapered needles with sharp points for quick combing and superb hair appearance
  1204. Cattle Comb, Standard Body Fluffer 9"" Aluminum - Alternating tooth design ideal for use on thick hair coats
  1205. Cattle Comb, Franklin Body Fluffer 9"" Aluminum - For thick hair coats
  1206. Cattle Comb, Franklin Fluff & Groom 9"" Wood - Back-to-back comb for fluffing and grooming
  1207. Cattle Comb, Franklin Skip & Fluff 9"" Aluminum - Back-to-back design with Franklin long and sharp needles
  1208. Cattle Comb, Standard 6"" Wood - Unique 40 tooth design for easy grooming
  1209. Cattle Comb, Franklin 6"" Aluminum - Long tapered needles with sharp points for quick combing and superb hair separation
  1210. Cattle Comb, Blades, Franklin 6"" - Long tapered needles with sharp points for quick combing and superb hair separation
  1211. Cattle Comb, Dressing Wood - Comfortable, easy grip handle and long-lasting blade
  1212. Scissors, Offset Topline - Great scissors for trimming toplines
  1213. Scissors, Curved - Blends clipped/non-clipped areas of highly fitted animals
  1214. Magnet, Cattle - Control hardware disease in cattle
  1215. Sorting Stick, 60 Inch Deluxe - Green composite fiberglass sorting pole
  1216. Sorting Stick, 60 Inch - Fiberglass pole, 1/2"" diameter, rubber grip
  1217. Sorting Stick, 36 Inch - Fiberglass white sorting pole, rubber handle grip
  1218. Cane, Flex, 38 Inch - Curved handle and no-slip grip
  1219. Dehorner, Electric - Reduce stress by dehorning at a young age
  1220. Dehorner, Dual for Calves - Dehorns both baby calves and 2-3 month old calves
  1221. Show Stick, 2-Piece Hustler - Easy to transport, breaks down and fits in your showbox
  1222. Splint, Calf and Foal - Aid for treatment of broken bones
  1223. Doc Brannen's Vanish - The ultimate adhesive remover
  1224. Pig Tooth Nipper - Used to remove teeth from pigs
  1225. Branding Digits, 0-9, Paint 2-1/2"" - Branding digits for paint branding
  1226. Chain, Metal Cattle - Heavy duty metal 42 in. cattle neck chain with connecting ring
  1227. Doc Brannen's Black Magic - Used by dairy showmen for grooming toplines
  1228. Doc Brannen's Final Mist - Face brightener for quick touch-ups on cattle and horses
  1229. Show Stick, 2-Piece Hustler Storage Bag - Keeps your 2-piece show stick together and clean
  1230. Show Stick, 1-Piece - Earns a quick response without hurting animals
  1231. Tattoo Ink, Roll-On - Roll-on tattoo ink in black, white, or green
  1232. Doc Brannen's Show Foam - Makes even stubborn, unruly hair more managable
  1233. Sullivan's Spray Foam - Multi-purpose product to give extra holding power to the body hair
  1234. Tattoo Digits, 0-9 - Tattoo numbers in 5/16 in. or 3/8 in. size
  1235. Tattoo Digits, A-Z - Tattoo letters in 5/16 in. or 3/8 in. size
  1236. Tattoo Ink, Dauber - Black, permanent tattoo ink
  1237. Tattoo Outfit, Standard, 3/8 Inch - Holds four 3/8 in. digits
  1238. Tattoo Outfit, Small Animal, 5/16 Inch - Holds five 5/16 in. digits
  1239. Tattoo Paste - Black, green, or white highly concentrated pigments assure deep penetration and permanent color
  1240. Doc Brannen's Undress - Melts away adhesives, paint, lacquer, and wax
  1241. Udderly EZ Milker for Sheep and Goats - Most effective colostrum collection device
  1242. Udderly EZ Replacement Bottle - Replacement bottle for the Udderly EZ milker
  1243. Deccox 6% - Prevent coccidiosis by mixing Deccox with feed
  1244. Ammonium Chloride - Used to aid in the prevention of urinary calculi
  1245. Deccox 10 - Prevent coccidiosis by mixing Deccox with feed
  1246. Survive!, for Goats - Aid for newborn kids at birth, weak, stressed, or cold goat kids, off-feed adult goats, and booster of vitamin E
  1247. Survive!, for Sheep - Supplement for cold, weak lambs, sheep off-feed, and show lambs
  1248. Goat Mineral - Pre-mix specially formulated for goats
  1249. Year-Round Sheep Covers - Help your sheep produce cleaner, high quality, more expensive wool
  1250. Foot Bath, 2 Section - Plastic 4 ft. foot bath
  1251. Feeder, High Back 2' - For feeding grain from fences
  1252. Feeder, High Back Mini - For feeding grain from fences
  1253. Hay Basket, Poly - Lightweight poly hay basket
  1254. Show Trough, 1' Poly - Easy to clean, ideal for shows and sales
  1255. Show Trough, 2' Poly - Easy to clean, ideal for shows and sales
  1256. Show Trough, 3' Poly - Easy to clean, ideal for shows and sales
  1257. Show Trough, 4' Poly - Easy to clean, ideal for shows and sales
  1258. Show Trough Replacement Bracket - Metal brackets for the Poly Show Troughs
  1259. Christmas Cards, Flying Cow Angel - ""Holy Cow...it's Christmas again! Hope your holidays are udderly divine.""
  1260. Christmas Cards, All is Calm, All is Bright - ""May the bright star of Christmas shine in your heart all year as a gentle reminder of the wonder of God's love""
  1261. Christmas Cards, In the Happiest of Seasons - ""...may you be in the company of those your love most. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year""
  1262. Christmas Cards, Snowman with Border Collie - ""May the holidays bring a smile to your face and good friends to your side. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year""
  1263. Christmas Cards, For Unto Us a Child is Born - ""May the joy of His love and peace of His presence fill your home and heart this Christmas""
  1264. Christmas Cards, Star of Wonder - ""This is the wonder of Christmas, that its beauty by the light of the star to Him. Bless You at Christmas!""
  1265. Christmas Cards, Pig and Geese with Green Fence - ""Hope everything's merry and bright on your side of the fence! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year""
  1266. Holiday Cards, Two Horses Pulling Sleigh - ""Warmest Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season""
  1267. Christmas Cards, Large Red Barn - ""Hope everything about your holiday is perfect in every way! Merry Christmas""
  1268. Christmas Cards, Tis the Season to be Porky - ""Fa-la-la-la-la...la-la-snort-la / Have a ho-ho-hogwild, jolly holiday!""
  1269. Christmas Cards, Horses with Snowman - ""May the holidays bring a smile to your face and good friends to your side. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year""
  1270. Christmas Cards, Horses Pulling Hay Wagon - ""Never too cold for kindness, never too deep the snow, to with you the Merriest Christmas the season can bestow.""
  1271. Christmas Cards, Peace On Earth - ""Wishing you the Spirit of Christmas which is Peace, the Gladness of Christmas which is Hope, and the Heart of Christmas which is Love""
  1272. Christmas Cards, Birds on Branch - ""Warm and Friendly Wishes for a Wonderful Christmas Season""
  1273. Christmas Cards, Bears with Christmas Tree - ""May your holidays be filled with friends and fun and lots of good cheer.""
  1274. Christmas Cards, Cow/Calf on Snow - ""May a gentle peace settle over the world and fill your holidays with joy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year""
  1275. Christmas Cards, Family Pulling Christmas Tree - ""May an old-fashioned Christmas bring you newfound joys this year. Happy Holidays""
  1276. Christmas Cards, Sheep in Manger Scene - ""May all creatures great and small and all who are good and kind share equally in every blessing that Christmas brings to mind. Season's Greetings to You and Yours""
  1277. Christmas Cards, Cows & Chickens with Tractor - ""Hope your Christmas is filled with good cheer that carries on throughout the New Year!""
  1278. Greeting Cards, Two Horses under Tree - ""One of the special joys of Christmas is sharing it with friends like you. Happy Holidays""
  1279. Christmas Cards, Dog on Tractor - ""May this holiday season find you surrounded by warm and pleasant company. Merry Christmas""
  1280. Christmas Cards, Pig with Christmas Lights - ""Hope your holidays are bright! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!""
  1281. Brush, Plastic Wash Mitt - Brush on one side and scrubber on the other
  1282. Hay Hook - Makes it easy to pick up hay and straw bales
  1283. Blanket, Foal - Fits sizes 28"" to 44"" measuring from center of chest to start of the tail
  1284. Hay Net - Poly hay net
  1285. Curry Comb, Square Metal - Black comb with orange handle
  1286. Brush, Plastic - Plastic brush with hand strap
  1287. Curry Comb, Plastic - Includes adjustable snap handle
  1288. Bridle Rack - Brass rack with hook for holding bridles
  1289. Decal, Border Collie - Excellent for use on car windows
  1290. Brush, Bedford - Synthetic bristles
  1291. Bucket Hook, C-Type -
  1292. Bucket Hook, Wall Mount -
  1293. Sheep Blanket Pins - Metal blanket pin
  1294. Bat with Wide Snapper - 28"" bat with 2-inch wide leather snapper
  1295. Brush, Silky Body - Natural pig bristles
  1296. Brush, Silky Face - Natural pig bristles
  1297. Curry Comb, Rubber, Large - Rubber curry comb for removal of long hair and dirt
  1298. Curry Comb, Rubber, Small - Designed to fit over the middle three fingers of an adult hand
  1299. Curry Comb, Steel - An old-fashioned favorite
  1300. Blanket, Horse Wool Day - Single thickness with sturdy bound edges
  1301. Greeting Cards, Autumn Furrows - Blank inside
  1302. Greeting Cards, Autumn - Blank inside
  1303. Greeting Cards, Border Collie - Blank inside
  1304. Greeting Cards, Handsome - Blank inside
  1305. Greeting Cards, Homeward Bound - Blank inside
  1306. Hoof Pick, Folding - Sturdy metal hoof pick that folds into handy 3"" pocket-size tool
  1307. Hoof Pick, with Brush - Cleans hooves with pick and brush
  1308. Brush, Stiff - Grooming brush with hand strap
  1309. Brush, Soft Panda - Fine synthetic bristles
  1310. Brush, Pocket Mini - Great for quick fixes before entering the show ring
  1311. Hoof Rasp - Heavy duty hoof rasp
  1312. Hoof Rasp Handle - Handle for hoof rasp
  1313. Sponge, Turtle-Back - Absorbent, large-size body sponge
  1314. Twitch - Wood with chain end
  1315. Sheep Blanket, Show - Cotton/poly, shrink resistant
  1316. Marker, Chalk - Use for marking chests of sheep
  1317. Sheep Hood, Show - Made to coordinate in size with Sheep Show Blankets
  1318. Ram Shield, Horned - Blocks forward vision, which prevents ram from charging
  1319. Lamb Adopt Musk Spray - Increase chance of successful adoption
  1320. Blanket, Little Critter Heater - Microwavable blanket specifically designed to rapidly raise the core temperature of hypothermic lambs with little effort from you
  1321. Muzzle, Sheep/Goat - Quality leather
  1322. Bottle, Compression Spray Pump - Perfect for dispensing fly repellent, coat sprays, leather conditioners and more
  1323. Selenium-E Gel - Supplemental selenium and vitamin E
  1324. Shearing Head Cover - Leather
  1325. Umbilical and Wound Dressing Spray - Eliminate dipping of umbilical cords
  1326. Tags, Roto-UKAL - Lightweight, smaller plastic tags numbered on one side
  1327. Applicator, Allflex Pin Replacement - Replacement pins for Allflex applicator
  1328. Drencher-Injector, Phillips without Jug - Phillips Drencher without jug
  1329. Applicator, Allflex Universal Tag - Applicator for Agri-Tags and Allflex tags
  1330. Tag Pen, Black - Allflex pen for writing on plastic tags, with fine and broad tips
  1331. Tag Pen, White - Allflex pen for writing on plastic tags, with fine and broad tips
  1332. Tags, Allflex Sheep and Goat - Allflex Global Tags for sheep and goats
  1333. Tags, Allflex Button Ear - Two-part plastic button ear tags by Allflex--many colors available
  1334. Tags, Allflex Cattle - Two-part plastic tags for cattle
  1335. Grease Tube 14 oz. - For use with grease guns
  1336. Scale Model, NH BB960A Big Square Baler - 1/32 scale
  1337. Scale Model, NH G200 Grader - 1/50 scale
  1338. Scale Model, NH CR9060 Combine - 1/32 scale
  1339. Scale Model, NH T9060 Tractor - 1/16 scale
  1340. Scale Model, NH FR9090 Forage Harvester - 1/32 scale
  1341. Scale Model, NH Grain Drill - 1/16 scale
  1342. Scale Model, NH Gravity Wagon - 1/16 scale
  1343. Scale Model, Ford 650 Tractor - 1/16 scale
  1344. Scale Model, NH L175 Skid Steer - Special 35th anniversary edition
  1345. Scale Model, NH TR87 Combine - 1/32 scale
  1346. Scale Model, Mini Ford F-150 Pickup - Similar in size to a ""Matchbox"" car
  1347. Scale Model, Mini NH Tractor with Loader - Similar in size to a ""Matchbox"" car
  1348. Scale Model, NH Dump Wagon - 1/16 scale
  1349. Scale Model, Mini Ford Vintage Tractor - Similar in size to a ""Matchbox"" car
  1350. Scale Model, NH FX60 Forage Harvester - 1/32 scale
  1351. Scale Model, NH TC33DA Tractor - 1/16 scale
  1352. Scale Model, NH BR780 Baler Silage Special - 1/16 scale, collector edition
  1353. Scale Model, NH BR780 Baler - 1/16 scale
  1354. Manure Spreader, Millcreek 27+ - For 1-4 horses
  1355. Manure Spreader, Millcreek 37+ - For 4-6 horses
  1356. Manure Spreader, Millcreek 57 - For 5-10 horses
  1357. Manure Spreader, Millcreek 77 - For 11-20 horses
  1358. Manure Spreader, Millcreek 97 - For more than 20 horses
  1359. Spin Groomer - For surface finishing of infields, arenas, riding tracks and pastures
  1360. Batteries, C - Package of 2 size ""C"" batteries
  1361. Batteries, D - Package of 2 size ""D"" batteries
  1362. Batteries, AA - Package of 4 ""AA"" batteries
  1363. Batteries, AAA - Package of 4 ""AAA"" batteries
  1364. Tire Repair Kit - For emergency repairs on all bias ply and non-speed rated radial tires
  1365. Grease Gun Kit, Toolbox Size - Compact, toolbox size gun perfect for hard-to-reach jobs
  1366. Grease Gun, Professional - Pistol-style grip for one-handed use and 18"" flex hose
  1367. Filter Wrench, Adjustable - Assists with removing filters of 2 3/4'' to 4'' in diameter
  1368. 2008 New Holland Christmas Bell - The 2008 crystal bell features a T4000 series tractor
  1369. Gloves, Jersey - Jersey fabric wears three times as long as cotton
  1370. Gloves, Rubberized Fabric - Handy-Andy long-life work gloves
  1371. Scale Model, Western Barn Set - 1/64 scale toy
  1372. Scale Model, Dairy Barn Set - 1/64 scale toy
  1373. Scale Model, Hog Confinement Set - 1/64 scale toy
  1374. Scale Model, House (Two Story) - 1/64 scale toy
  1375. Scale Model, Machine Shed - 1/64 scale toy
  1376. Toy, Bagged Animals - 1/64 scale
  1377. Scale Model, NH Hay Wagon with Bales - 1/16 scale
  1378. Scale Model, NH Disk - 1/16 scale
  1379. Scale Model, Mini Truck with Sprayer Load - Similar in size to a ""Matchbox"" car
  1380. Scale Model, Mini Horse Trailer - Similar in size to a ""Matchbox"" car