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Footrot Bacterin, Injectable Vaccine. 10 dose vial.

Footrot Bacterin, Injectable Vaccine.  10 dose vial.

ID # 2234
Product ID (SKU) # SSGL4122



Vaccine for Footrot (Fusobacterium necrophorum) labeled for use in Cattle. Footrot is an infectious disease that causes swelling and lameness in one or more feet. The bacteria that causes footrot (Fusobacterium necrophorum) cannot penetrate healthy intact skin, but can take advantage of abrasions or puncture wounds in or near the feet. Whether on pasture or in confinement, cattle constantly encounter risk factors such as stones, frozen or dried mud, stubble or wet pens that can cause or worsen an abrasion or wound.

Fusogard® bacterin, the first F. necrophorum bacterin developed and manufactured specifically for cattle, was designed with economics, convenience, beef quality assurance and solid disease protection in mind. Fusogard provides the protection and safety of an inactivated bacterin while delivering effective, economical footrot protection.

Fusogard is cost-effective, both in preventing the economic losses that come with footrot and lameness, and in eliminating the use of costly antibiotics to treat footrot.

Product Highlights
Effective, economical footrot protection
- Contains SuprImm® adjuvant
Safe and effective
- Extensive safety and efficacy studies conducted
- Inactivated (killed) bacterin
- Beef Quality Assurance friendly with sub-Q injection

Easy to handle
- Goes through the syringe easily
- Sub-Q (under the skin)
When to give it
- After 6 months of age, including adult animals and feedlot cattle, two doses 21 days apart for footrot control
- For liver abscess reduction in feedlot cattle, one dose on arrival and a second dose 60 days later or at reimplant

How much to give
- 2 ml dose
How to give it
- Sub-Q (under the skin)

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