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Sustain III Calf Bolus
25 ct bottle long acting Sulfamethazine Boluses-use in place of Albon

Sustain III Calf Bolus
25 ct bottle long acting Sulfamethazine Boluses-use in place of Albon

ID # 2214
Product ID (SKU) # SS27315




- Sustained action - 3 full days from a single treatment
- Fast Acting - reaches minimum therapeutic blood levels within 6 hours post administration
- Highly concentrated - provides peak antibiotic blood levels of 250 p.p.m. - quickly acts to break fever and illness
- Short withdrawal time - 12 days


Sustain III Calf Boluses provide cattlemen with an effective antibiotic that lasts a full three days with just one treatment. Sustain III Boluses quickly reach therapeutic blood levels within six hours after administration, provide higher peak blood levels of sulfamethazine, and maintain therapeutic blood levels for a full three days. This one-two punch helps knock out diseases rapidly and surely. Sustain III Calf Boluses are intended for oral administration to ruminating replacement calves (calves over 1 month old that are not on an all-milk diet), and are indicated for the treatment of the following deseases when caused by one or more of the following pathogenic organisms sensitive to sulfamethazine: bacterial pneumonia, colibacillosis, and calf diphtheria.

Dosage & Administration

Sustain III Calf boluses are designed to be administered orally to ruminating replacement calves according to the following schedule:
Body Weight # of Boluses

100 lbs. 2

150 lbs. 3

200 lbs. 4

250 lbs. 5

300 lbs. 6

This bolus may be divided for better approximation of correct dose, however, care should be taken not to crush the bolus. The above dosage schedule should be used at each 72-hour interval.

**50-count bottle may be special ordered by calling us**

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